Nintendo Switch Shipped Over 103 Million Units, Outsold the Wii

Today, Nintendo announced its quarterly financial results. The report provided an update to the number of Switch units shipped worldwide since launch, which revealed a whopping 103 million units sold, which puts Nintendo Switch above the Wii. Solely, during the last quarter, the company shipped over just over 10 million units.

Nintendo Switch shipments are up 11 million units from 92 in the prior quarter, showing that demand for this new console remains high despite limited availability. Below, you can find the exact numbers of the report, which includes both hardware and software units.

  • 103.54 million hardware units shipped
  • 766.41 million software units sold

Nintendo has reported a downward revision in its forecast for Switch shipments, now expecting to ship 23 million units instead of the previously projected 24 Million devices over this fiscal year (ending March). The company will need just over four million transactions within three months if they want their new estimate met.

Overall, the software saw some excellent results, with Pokémon remakes selling well and Mario Party Superstars doing surprisingly well for such a niche franchise. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD also did nicely in sales at 3.85 million units moved on its own, while Metroid Dread had 2.74 total copies sold, which is vital.

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