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Pokemon Go Community Day List 2022

Trainers, 2022 is underway, and new Community Day events will go live each month. This means that every month in 2022 we will have a chance to catch different Community Day Pokemon, catch new shiny forms, learn new moves, complete Special Research tasks, and enjoy all the bonuses.

As you know, Community Day is all about social gatherings (pre-pandemic), catching rare Pokemon, and having a good time. To amplify that feeling, Trainers also have special bonuses such as increased XP, Stardust, and many more. Besides, the evolved form of that rare Pokemon might be able to learn an event-exclusive move.

We expect to see new Pokemon and new shiny Pokemon during Pokemon Go 2022 Community Day events, so fingers crossed for Axew, Slugma, Deino, or Litwick Community Day in 2022.

Also, Niantic and Pokemon Go will be hosting a Community Day Classic throughout 2022, and the first classic Community Day Pokemon was Bulbasaur.

Pokemon Go Community Day List 2022

Which Pokemon would you wish to see next in 2022 as Community Day Pokemon? Tell us in the comments so we can discuss it.

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Dejan Kacurov

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    1. yes a com day classic that makes a lot of sense for February is dratini com day classic dragonite learns draco meteor

  1. I really would love to get a Dratini communityday as I missed the previous one.. Dratini is one of my favorite Pokémon and it would be so amazing to catch a shiny Dratini

      1. wrong lots of people including me I started my account in august 2020 I know before Charmander com day everybody wants blast burn Charizard because they need that for PVP

  2. another good one is scyther. i like scizor’s shiny too(ive already got shiny scyther, but i would like to evo it)

  3. I wanna see a Community day for

    Torchic and Chikorita
    Please Pokemon go make that happen ‼️

  4. I need 5 exeggcutes for a challenge and they are no where to be found. For months now. Please make them available soon

  5. I’d love to see a Ponyta Community Day. I have a few Galarians but would REALLY LOVE to pick up some plain old fire Ponyta!!

  6. My Community Day choice are:

    1. Noibat
    2. Axew
    3. Unown——-All letters/forms
    4. Goomy
    5. Magikarp
    6. Rattata
    7. Mime Jr.
    8. Pansage
    9. Pansear
    10. Tropius

  7. Noibat, Axew, Togepi, Goomy, Magikarp, Rattata, Wailmer, Pansage, Pansear, Tropius, Pachirisu, Bouffalant, Sigilyph, Torkoal, Relicanth, Klefki, Chatot, Flabébé(all colors), Mime Jr. and Unown (all letters/forms) are all my preferences for the March 2022 Community Day for Pokemon Go.

  8. My brothers in Christ. we must pray that October is finally Litwick com day for several reasons:
    1.) Litwick is the best ghost, and by far the cutest
    2.) The shiny for Axew has been released from unova. I will be stricken with resentment if litwick does not get the same treatment this very same year. Chandelure’s flames are sickkk even though they’re normal.
    3.) Chandelure has the highest sp atk of any non-myth/legendary pokemon, he deserves a buff and a legacy move. Blacephelon is literally walmart Chandelure, c’mon.
    4.) Litwick

    This concludes my Ted Talk, thank you for listening.

  9. I want to see riolu community day please pleas please Pokémon go creators please do THIS!!! riolu is my fav Pokémon I really want the SHINY!!!! Please make this happen

  10. I started playing when the game first came out. Then a few months in I had to give it up because of work and personal issues. I have just the last month started playing again. Loved litwick community day. Got 7 shinies.

    I still don’t have charizard after all these years. In fact, I have mostly all Kanto pokemon. The few I have of the other generations are just the smallest of the evolutions. So I am in need of ANY pokemon that could give me some higher power players for raids.

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