Apex Legends Leak Shows Upcoming Legends, Maps, Weapons, Skins

A massive Apex Legends leak reveals upcoming Legends, new Arena maps, new Legends skins, unreleased weapons, and other cool stuff.

The Apex Legends roster features 20 playable characters, but it seems like more Legends are on the way. At the moment of writing, we’re in Season 12: Defiance, and the leak suggests that the new stuff will most likely be available starting from Season 13, to Season 16.

According to u/5849373-throwaway, the person behind the leaks, we should get nine more Legends, so the Apex Legends roster will feature 29 different characters with different abilities. There are also new Arena maps, a new map called Divided moon, new skins, heirlooms, and emotes.

Now, the link he shared, eight or nine files in total, got removed, but thanks to the Apex Legends community and Darrkeng, we have a list of the most interesting discoveries. Feel free to check it out below.

Apex Legends Leak Shows New Legends Weapons Maps

  • New arena maps, one seems to be almost finished, another not yet (gray surfaces)
  • 2 out of 3 leaked guns were shown: Nemesis B-AR and Fanatic energy pistol. Fanatic still uses RE-45 icon and P2020 model, Nemesis has its own icon and low poly model
  • Laser sight was spotted for R-99, which takes place of barrel mod
  • Nemesis burst fire, but can fire full auto after filling some kind of meter (damage perhaps)
  • Conduct (support) “Empathic shielder”, abilities: Capacitance (passive) – recharge own shield, recharge faster if allies near, Arc flash (tactical) – heals allied shield via your own, Alternating current (ult) – arc cluster bomb, damages enemy shield, heals Conduct’s shields
  • Scryer (recon) “Haunting stalker”, abilities: Spectator (passive) – automatic optic-haunt and spectate your killer, Optic-Haun (tactical) – parasite trap which reveals the target’s vision, Shadow wall (ult) – wall of darkness, blocks line of sight and blinds
  • Caliber (support) “Apex arms dealer”, abilities: Weapon sling (passive) – can carry 3rd weapon, access via inventory or “H”, Suppressor turret (tactical) – makeshift turret base on your active weapon (Note from gameplay: It not really accurate, but it includes CP weapons, was shown the use of Volt SMG on it), Auto loader (ult) – deploys ammo box which feeds ammo directly to nearby player’s weapons (gold mag for everyone I guess)
  • Jester (no icon) “Tricky trapper”, abilities: Rewire (passive) – can turn any nade into prox mine and spawns with a frag, Specter drop (tactical) – droppod with 3 specters on guard position, Cloak field (ult) – short-living field which cloaks players inside, cloak disappears in 6 seconds after leaving the area
  • Phantom (support) “Agile assassin” (Assassins support? Ok I guess), abilities: Double jump (passive) – double jump, duh, Hook shot (tactical) – hook to the wall and hang off it for some time (Titanfall have same ability btw), Brazil Void grenade (ult) – grenade which sends target into the Brazil Void for the short period of time
  • Vantage (recon) ” Survivalist sniper” (Hawk?), abilities: Sniper kit (passive) – tactical info ADS zoomed unarmed or in long range scopes (legends name, shield level, squad size, distance), Echo launch (tactical) – basically Crypto’s drone, but you can order it to move by tapping Q, Mark to kill (ult) – a custom rifle with a scanner and damage boost for a squad, damage doubled for Vantage on successful hits, the team gets 15% damage boost on marked targets. Note: We may see her soon, her model is ready, but not polished yet
  • Uplink (defense) “Satellite survivor”, abilities: Network communion (passive) – “Gain 25% of Recovery Effects used in Signal Range”, Shield satellite (tactical) – release a satellite which follows allies and regenerate their shields and revive (damn, sounds basted), Immortality relay beacon (ult) (Geez, that’s a name) – Deploys satellite beacon which prevents allies from being downed in it range (even more basted)
  • Newcastle (defense) “Mobile defender”, Fortified, abilities: Retrieve the wounded (passive) – you can carry your teammates, literally drag downed teammates as they being revived and protects them with reviving shield (Call the police, we found who stole LL’s revive shield), Mobile shield (tactical) – throw controllable drone which creates a moving energy shield, Castle wall (ult) – “Leap and slam to a target ally or area and create a fortified stronghold” (basically jumps to location, slams the ground and go full Fortnite in one direction, creating a barricade). Note: Seems like Newcastle may be next Legends – he most finished out of all leaked roaster (model vise)
  • Catalyst (defense) “Creative builder”, abilities: Reinforce (passive) – increase HP on peaceable structures (like Newcastle’s ult or Rampart’s A-Cover), doors and including their own in close vicinity, Ferro Shot (tactical) – on impact creates a ramp of hardened ferro fluid (reminds me last Pray, they had something like this IIRC), Iron tower (ult) – column of ferro fluid under you
  • Chapter 7 new comic “The Perfect Son” – Duardo Silva Octane’s father has framed Mad Maggie… (see the image below for more details)
  • Crypto’s heirlooms are already old news as we know, so I will nod add any additional comments (unless I see something interesting). Addition: It does rare unique melee animation which involves hitting with Hack (Crypto’s drone)
  • Valk’s, as you may know, is a spear, but it seems not just any speak, but yari (or, at least, inspired) which make sense considering her nickname (Valkyrie, who is depicted with a spear) and being half Japanese herself
  • Spears models seem to be pretty raw, but some animations (running and attacking, one inspect) are already in place
  • Files 5 and 6 are .txt, guess datamined bundles. I’ll leave it to our local dataminers to dig, I’m sure they find more interesting info than me
  • Video 7, new map – “Divided moon” (see image below) Far from finished, full of grey and orange (yay, Source trademark) surfaces, some areas look more finished (still need a lot of polishing and work with shadow/light)
  • Seems like the map have a monorail system similar to WE and it train, but monorail (or gondola? No idea, just rail around the map)
  • Ash 3 new emote
  • Newcastle 4 (more evidence that he is next)


This is the biggest leak in Apex Legends so far, and please have in mind that this is 27 months of future content, which means there is a lot of time until 2025. This is subject to change at any moment.

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