Asmongold can’t stop roasting Blizzard for their effort on the last Raid in WoW

The roasting doesn't end.

Asmongold, a popular Twitch streamer known for his strong participation and influence in the MMORPG category, keeps on roasting Blizzard for their effort on the release of the last Raid in World of Warcraft. Even the famous World of Warcraft raiders who responded to his latest video couldn’t have changed his opinion, which caused a massive backlash regarding his recent statements. Asmongold continues to stand his ground whatsoever.

On the release day of WoW’s latest Raid Tier, Sepulcher of the First Ones, Asmongold gathered a group of people and tried to tackle it. The Raid consisted of inexperienced players, leading to a full disband after wiping on a boss multiple times in a row. But what exactly happened?

Shortly after, Asmongold released a YouTube video of his efforts in beating the Raid, which came to a decisive halt set by Artificer Xy’mox (Raid Boss). The wipe count just kept on increasing, pushing Asmongold away from his original idea of beating the Raid. The video can be found below:

Afterward, he claimed that the Raid is just BAD, and stated that having one-shot mechanics on a Normal Difficulty is nonsense. He further contended that Blizzard is pushed to make these types of raids and invent complex mechanics due to the race against the developers of third-party boss addons.

If you’re new to WoW, these addons raise the awareness of raiders, for example, an upcoming Boss mechanic, ability cast, or, in this case, a wipe mechanic. Sadly, not everyone’s using them, and believe it or not, some do not even know how to install and set them up. These addons are all third-party addons, most of them developed by individuals. Thanks to these addons, World First Guilds can achieve their long-chased title easier.

Some of the most popular boss addons are:

  • DBM
  • BigWigs
  • WeakAura

Nonetheless, a day after the reaction by some community members who have furiously criticized Asmongold’s behavior, Asmongold was pushed to publish another video trying to get out of the rabbit hole. Even there, he firmly assured that it’s Blizzard’s failure for this Raid, and the inspiration for delivering such boss fights and mechanics is mainly due to the race against the third-party developers of Deadly Boss Mods-like addons. You can watch the video below.

But that’s not it! In today’s livestream on Twitch, Asmongold kept flaming Blizzard for the same reasons and publicly advised them to drop out and deny usage of third-party addons. Not to forget, he also tried to compare the numbers between active Horde and Alliance players, which turned in huge favor of the Horde. After realizing that the Horde is bigger in player number than the Alliance, even better geared, he said it’s Blizzard’s fault for the improper balance between the two factions in World of Warcraft, Alliance, and Horde, which is also why Blizzard is planning on allowing cross-faction play in the near future.

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