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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Patch Notes, Details, and more

Parkour mechanics, Thermal AR, and more! Everything at one place, finally.

Aside from the news and cosmetic additions to the game, let’s look at all of the core tweaks that are coming with today’s Fortnite update. This update is responsible for delivering a smooth and exciting new Season 2, and everyone is excited about it. Patch v.20.00 brings brand new content, including some under-the-hood tweaks by Epic Games.

Players can expect to see Season 2 come today, March 20th, 2022 at 7 PM UTC. The new season is supposed to conclude somewhere around 3rd of June 2022.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Details

Long time ago, Epic Games has decided to cut off the official patch notes and committed to yielding reports on their official Trello page, which gives us the only chance to pull some of the core changes coming to the game. As such, we have decided to compile all of the changes below.

Update Size

The complete update size for each platform:

  • PC: 16.GB
  • Xbox Series X: 9GB
  • Xbox One: 9GB
  • PS4: 7GB
  • PS5: 6.75GB
  • Switch: 6GB
  • Android: 2.96GB

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Patch Notes

Today’s update is v20.00. Keep in mind that the changes below are based content updates and leaks, including Fortnite’s official Trello Page, while any official notes regarding the update are still missing. Once we receive the compiled report in full disclosure, we will update the notes below:

Content Update

Important highlights for today’s update:

  • The Seven are ready to cause mayhem in the war against IO for total control over the map.
  • New hit-marker sounds for shooting at players with white health.
  • New Supply Drop
  • Thermal AR makes its way back
  • The Revolver comes back too
  • Parkour Mechanics, which is very exciting
  • Doctor Strange arrives with the new Battle pass
  • Quest Bundles
    • Bootcamp Tutorial for sprinting, sliding, mantling
    • No Permit quest related to Island Jammers
    • Milestone and Seasonal Bonus Goals
  • Funding Stations making comeback
  • No Builds for the next 9 days.

Core Fixes


  • Navigating Discover menu may become unresponsive with a controller.

Battle Royale

  • One Quest Short of completing Season Bonus Milestones
  • Tree Leaf textures look low-res

Save the World

  • Hero ability control bindings have been shifted


  • Auto Building/Shooting if you hold the build button and double-tap the edit button

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