Hogwarts Legacy Release Date Set For Holiday 2022

We'll have something to entertain with during Holiday 2022.

The world of Harry Potter is coming back to life with the tail of Hogwarts Legacy. You get the chance to play as one of your favorite characters and explore this fantastic Wizarding School for more than just education and adventure! The first 15 minutes were shown during Thursday’s State Of Play Livestream with developers Avalanche Software showing us what we can expect from their upcoming title when it releases next holiday season on PlayStation 4/5 Windows PC Xbox One & Series X.

While the story is developing, check out the latest State of Play video above, in which Hogwarts Legacy is thoroughly revealed. Throughout the video, players could witness a couple of segments, including the character creation and a solid portion of its story. Thorough explanations followed, with developers talking about the progression, including a substantial cut of magical battles.

Wizard or Witches, players will have an opportunity to choose one. Hogwarts Legacy aims to cover and implement some RPG elements, with character progression tied to skills and perk trees. What was discovered is that there will be a Room of Requirement within the game, which will be like a rest zone and customizable area for all players.

Overall, watching the game, it’s just like time travel back to childhood memories. Studying at Hogwarts will finally be possible, and judging by the showcase, we can already see its GOTY nomination boiling.


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