Lost Ark

Lost Ark: Don’t miss your daily Arkesia Grand Prix Event at Even Hours!

The new event added with the latest content patch, the Arkesia Grand Prix is a daily event that starts at even hours. That means 02:00 am, 04:00 am, 06:00 am, extending throughout the whole day. The event begins in every major city in almost every zone, and it’s only accessible once per day.

Participating in these events will grant you a lot of event currency, named Arkesia Event Coin, which then can be traded for the event vendor, also known as the Arkesia Grand Prix Manager. Additionally, players can obtain the currency by doing the daily Chaos Dungeons, but only two times a day, per the stack of Aura of Resonance.

Trading these will give an opportunity to gain plenty of rewards from the vendor. For example, you can get Special Sales such as epic class engravings, extra honing materials for every gear tier, or even get exchange items such as Una’s Task [Daily] or Sailing Coin Selection Chest [x500].

So, doing these is quite vital for your progression, and the instruction is quite clear. Do not miss doing these. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a deficit, and no one wants that, considering the release of the new Abyss Raid: Argos.

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