Lost Ark

Lost Ark Tortoyk Hidden Story Guide

It's time to visit the land of the Rock Giant.

Tortoyk is an island inhabited by Mokokos, a dwarf race that lurks within the lush forests of this land. It’s time to tackle its hidden stories. Tortoyk Adventurer’s Tome promises a free Stat Increase potion at 80% of its completion. Lost Ark’s Tortoyk has plenty of tasks to offer, and deciphering its hidden stories is one of them. There is a total of 7 hidden stories just as the other continents, and completing them will increase your character virtues but also reach that sweet 80% Adventurer’s Tome reward, Stat Increase Potion, increasing 5 Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence.

To keep tabs on your current progress, click [N] on your keyboard or go to Adventure -> Adventurer’s Tome.

Tortoyk Hidden Story Locations

Below you can find all Tortoyk’s Hidden Story quests and their locations.

The Great Cypher of Mokokos

  • Wisdom +1
  • Sweetwater Forest (1/1)

The Horrifying Monster

  • Courage +1
  • Skyreach Steppe (1/1)

Cowl’s Moving Locarok

  • Kindness +2
  • Seaswept Woods (1/2)
  • Skyreach Steppe (2/2)

Road to Becoming a Naruni Expert

  • Charisma +2
  • Seaswept Woods (1/4)
  • Sweetwater Forest (2/4)
  • Skyreach Steppe (3/4)
  • Forest of Giants (4/4)

The Adventurer’s Soul

  • Charisma +1
  • Skyreach Steppe (1/1)

Pirate King in Waiting

  • Courage +3
  • Skyreach Steppe (1/3)
  • Mokoko Village (2/3)
  • Pirate Den Dungeon in Sweetwater Forest (3/3)

Shape of Love

  • Charisma +3
  • Sweetwater Forest (1/3)
  • Sweetwater Forest (2/3)
  • Skyreach Steppe (3/3)

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