Lost Ark

Lost Ark West Luterra Hidden Story Guide

Time to check West Luterra's hidden stories and contribute towards the Adventurer's Tome.

It’s time for the hidden stories in West Luterra, the continent which Adventurer’s Tome promises free Stat Increase Potion at 60% of its completion. That means the territory is not as bitter as it seems, and at 70% you get a free Stretch emote. After the Vistas, it’s time to tackle the hidden stories that are scattered across the whole island.

What else is there to do if you have reached Tier 3 and do your daily tasks accordingly? Well, there’s nothing else but to delve into Lost Ark secrecies, with continents offering plenty of surprising activities. This time, we’re leaning towards West Luterra, a territory where countless ancient wars endured during its course of history.

Lost Ark West Luterra Hidden Story Locations

Below you can find all of the locations of the hidden story items across the whole territory of West Luterra.

What Makes a Hero

  • Charisma +2
  • Lakebar (1/4)
  • Medrick Monastery (2/4)
  • Bilbrin Forest (3/4)
  • Battlebound Plains (4/4)

Lost Letter

  • Kindness +2
  • Bilbrin Forest (1/2)
  • Bilbrin Forest (2/2)

Knight’s Oath

  • Wisdom +1
  • Mount Zagoras (1/1)

The Tiger of Bilbrin

  • Charisma +1
  • Bilbrin Forest (1/1)


Regent’s Donkey Ears

  • Courage +1
  • Battlebound Plains (1/1)

Well Ghost Story

  • Courage +3
  • Mount Zagoras (1/3)
  • Mount Zagoras (2/3)
  • Mount Zagoras (3/3)

Sleight of Hand

  • Courage +3
  • Bilbrin Forest Grayhammer Mine Dungeon (1/5)
  • Bilbrin Forest Grayhammer Mine Dungeon (2/5)
  • Bilbrin Forest Grayhammer Mine Dungeon (3/5)
  • Bilbrin Forest Grayhammer Mine Dungeon (4/5)
  • Bilbrin Forest Grayhammer Mine Dungeon (5/5)
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