Lost Ark

Lost Ark Yudia Hidden Story and Vista Guide

Let's see all the hidden stories in Yudia, the land of the bandits.

It’s time for the hidden stories in Yudia, the continent which Adventurer’s Tome promises free Stat Increase Potion at 70% of its completion. There are plenty of tasks in it, with and without incentivization, that will take you at least half a day to do them. Some of them are the Adventurer’s Tome assignments, which are namely about exploration and familiarity with the game. Doing these will grant you extra rewards, so tread your path carefully.

Lost Ark Yudia Hidden Story and Vista Locations

Below you can find both the Hidden Story and Vista locations scattered around the zone. One of the beneficial rewards you can get from here that contribute to your character development is the Stat Increase Potion. which grants a permanent increase of 5 to Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence.

Yudia Hidden Story

The Mirage

  • Courage +1
  • Ozhorn Hill (1/1)

The Ominous Prediction

  • Courage +1
  • Saland Hill (1/1)

Spending an Eternity Together

  • Charisma +2
  • Saland Hill – North (1/3)
  • Saland Hill – South (2/3)
  • Saland Hill – South (3/3)

Flawless Marksmanship

  • Wisdom +1
  • Saland Hill – North (1/1)

The Origin of the Name

  • Wisdom +1
  • Saland Hill – North (1/1)

Tododo Song

  • Courage +2
  • Tododo Song has to be done by interacting with all the objects in the fastest possible time.
  • Saland Hill – North (all 4)

Solar Salt Candy

  • Wisdom +2
  • Saland Hill – North (1/4)
  • Saland Hill – South (2/4)
  • Saland Hill – North (3/4)
  • Saland Hill – North (4/4)
  • Don’t be confused, the letters are not showcasing the right order, so just follow the images below.

Yudia Vista Locations

With the Hidden Stories finished, we can jump to Yudia’s Vista Locations. There are not too many of them, instead, there are just 3. A reason why we made this into a one article rather than splitting them apart. All of the Vistas in Yudia can be found below.

Saland Hill

Ozhorn Hill

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