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Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour March 29, 2022, Get 112k Stardust in One Hour

Trainers, the last Spotlight Hour in Pokemon Go for March 2022 is going live this Tuesday, featuring Paras, shiny Paras and 2x Catch Candy.

Pokemon Go Paras Spotlight Hour runs on March 29, 2022, from 6 PM to 7 PM local time, and this is probably one of the best events for Pokemon Go players that are low on Stardust and want to get more Stardust. Now, there is a way to earn a total of 112,000 Stardust during this time, and thanks to u/Aesiasthetic, who was kind enough to share his findings we know the right way to earn this amount.

He shared his findings on the official TSR, and here is everything you should know.

Paras Spotlight Hour Road to 112,000 Stardust

Use an incense if you have one, which will spawn 120 Paras in that hour. Paras Catch Dust is 500 which yields a total of 60K and with Star Piece 90k normally. The weather might be in your favor (or at least here it is often clear/sunny) which with Star Piece can yield a total of 112K stardust.

Now if you think about the Incense being nerfed, have in mind that this nerf only applies to stationary players. If you’re walking around, the Incense works fine and you can get 120 Paras spawns in one hour.

What are your thoughts about this? Can you reach this amount of Stardust in just one hour? We would like to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

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