Starfield gets new video, Made for Wanderers

Into the Starfield: Made for Wanderers reveals more details about the interstellar title.

Bethesda Softworks has released a brand new video about Starfield, in which the developers share their thoughts and ideas on the game itself. After 25 years of existence, Bethesda has decided to delve into creating a completely unique and distinct universe. In this new video published by Bethesda, titled Made for Wanderers, you can see the approach to game design and a glance at some of the ideas behind it.

One of the games that had the opportunity to walk down a similar road was Skyrim, which had the same phenomena and was widely praised by its fans. Unlike others, Bethesda aims for a truly “out of the ordinary” video game title to hit the market strong. Almost everyone at Bethesda pitches this as a unique and exciting game with a never-ending gameplay experience and entertainment.

As we delve into more details, Starfield grows in our hearts

In the video, Todd Howard, the game director himself, claims that the game will put you in a position to make decisive choices on the future of your character development, saying it’s one of the best forms of entertainment that exists out there.

A hardcore RPG in the making, Starfield is expected to continue with its promotional material in the coming period before it goes live in late 2022, 11.11.2022. In December 2021, Starfield’s Steam Page has gone live, without an opportunity to pre-order the game.

There are plenty of screenshots during the video, such as space stations, planets, space shuttles, and more. So, how big would the game be? As we go down the road, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the game being projected with a subscription model, especially now that it fell in the hands of Microsoft and their mighty Xbox Game Pass.

Starfield arrives exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC on 11.11.22.

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