World of Warcraft Sepulcher of the First Ones World First Race Begins Today

Who will take the throne?

Who will step on the podium as the final World Champion of WoW: Shadowlands? Sepulcher of the First Ones, what appears to be the last raid tier in World of Warcraft Shadowlands is going to pose a strong resistance against all the heroes of Shadowlands. The arrival of the Mythic difficulty and the race for the World First Title is ready to start in the NA region, while EU will follow tomorrow. Currently, the servers are still under maintenance, but the event itself, judging by the Twitch views, is already shaping to be a good source of entertainment for the fans of World of Warcraft.

Just a quick tip: Previously, the last three bosses were not released on Heroic difficulty, so today we’ll see Lords of Dread, Rygelon, and The Jailer on in action.

Sepulcher of the First Ones and World First Race Details

Let’s jump in a short overview throughout the past of the expansion:

  1. At the start of Shadowlands, Complexity Limit (US) (now Liquid) dominated by landing the world’s first killing blow on Sire Denathrius in Castle Nathria.
  2. For the second raid tier of the expansion, we witnessed Echo (EU) overtaking the throne by defeating Sylvanas in the Sanctum of Domination.

This race won’t be easy, simply because of the encounters, especially the latter ones that seem very complex. Judging by recent guild activities on heroic difficulty, this raid is shaping to be the toughest ever released. Will the Jailer endure longer than Tomb of Sargeras’ Kil’jaeden? We’ll have to wait and see.

Let’s jump into another quick recap of what happened over the past. Multiple guilds are coming close to Liquid (previously Complexity Limit), and Echo (EU). BDGG, Method, and even Pieces have tried to recruit new exceptional players whose skills, reactions, and understanding is on another level. FatSharkYes is another European guild that has always been among those to surprise the world, so we’ll witness a tough race this time around.

This raid tier consists of 11 bosses. Many players are scared from the last four, as they impose grave danger with tiring and advanced mechanics. You can find them below:

  • Vigilant Guardian
  • Skolex
  • Artificer Xy’mox
  • Dausegne
  • Halondrus
  • Prototype Pantheon
  • Lihuvim
  • Anduin
  • Lords of Dread
  • Rygelon
  • The Jailer

World of Warcraft Sepulcher of the First Ones World First Livestreams

If you would like to be a part of the World First event, then you can start today by joining the Twitch streams hosted by the competing guilds. Below you can find multiple Twitch Channels that will provide a thorough coverage:

  • Team Liquid – Full Coverage and pull-to-pull analytics with qualified commentators.
  • Echo – Full Coverage and analytics with qualified commentators.

Player perspectives:

  • Maximum – Liquid’s GM and Raid Leader
  • JPC – Rogue player for Team Liquid
  • Thdlock – Warlock player for Team Liquid
  • Gingi – Main Hunter for Echo
  • Naowh – Main Tank for Echo
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