Escape From Tarkov will get dynamic events and team-based objectives in the future

Nikita revealed upcoming features BSG is working on.

Escape From Tarkov is still in Early Access for multiple reasons. The biggest one is that the game is far away from its final state, and Battlestate Games is far from over with its development. In a recent Q&A with the community managers, Nikita Buyanov, Battlestate Games COO, has revealed a portion of features heading to Escape From Tarkov.

Wandering off in the unknown domain, Battlestate Games is ready to set a foothold in a new, uncharted territory. Some of the revealed features sound quite surprising, and fans are already trembling in the wake of their reveal. Some of the events we’re looking forward to are the dynamic, completely automated events that will take place on their own, including team-based objectives for those playing in a group.

On the question regarding the dynamic events and whether they will be occurring automatically in the future, Nikita said, “Yes, the automatic system of events was planned a long time ago already. I hope we will implement it in the future”.

The Community Managers did not forget to address the dire economy, mentioning the concern of hundreds of players having millions of rubles in the game, for which Nikita said that “We want to make the gameplay cycle which will not give you an ability to be super-rich.” Judging by this, players should be ready for other balances. Presumably, resulting in cutting off the ability to sell some other items on the FLEA Market.

Without further ado, you can find the complete transcript of the Q&A posted by the community managers below.

1. Will there be tasks in the game where you take a more active part in the factions? Such as, help the rogues defend the water plant, or assist one Scav gang versus another?

Nikita: Yes, we have such tasks planned. But I don’t know exactly how they will be in the game, but something like this is planned for sure. Faction based tasks, and faction reputation, and everything.

2. Will items being much more difficult to find be a bigger factor in the final release of the game?

Nikita: It will not be much more difficult, we will not change it heavily. I think it will be something like we have right now in the game.

3. Players having hundreds of millions of rubles is a factor in the game. Will there be any negative consequences of being very rich as a PMC in Tarkov in the future?

Nikita: We want to make the gameplay cycle which will not give you an ability to be super-rich. So we will make more money sinks, and everything just to balance this. So when the… of course there are the types of players that just play A LOT, like stupidly big amount of hours and they definitely want to be rich and everything, so at least this type of player will be a little percentage of all the player base.     

4. Events have been very appreciated by the community, do you think some of these events will happen automatically in the future? (for example, suddenly raiders on Factory, Scav-bosses meetings, etc.)?

Nikita: Yes, the automatic system of events was planned a long time ago already. I hope we will implement it in the future.

5. Some kind of team objectives, or global goals is something that has been touched upon previously. Will there be team-oriented tasks that we are required to complete as a squad, or global goals that have to be accomplished by the community as a whole?

Nikita: Yes, we have planned these types of events as well.

6. Many weapons are simulated to behave very much like their real-life counterparts, with things such as trigger weight, trigger-delay, recoil, rate of fire, and so on. The Chiappa Rhino requires the user to push the trigger harder versus many pistols. The SV98 as well. Is this something you want to have more of in the game (detailed simulations of weapon mechanisms)?

Nikita: Eventually yes, we want to have these kinds of neat features, and details about weapons. Especially in terms of mechanics and how you actually operate the weapon, how you shoot and press the trigger with all these delays, and like the nature of recoil and everything, so yeah we try to add something every time in terms of this realism of gun mechanics and everything.

7. Can you give an example of how a patch goes from plan to release at this point in the development? Given how you’ve explained that we are getting closer and closer to releasing the game, is there actually any room for “new ideas” in this process now? Or is everything decided already?

Nikita: The core is already planned and everything is settled, but of course if it comes to realization of one feature or another, there’s always some kind of room for good ideas and changes, it’s not something big that influences a lot or change the future, it is present because there are a lot of small neat things that we are inventing, an ongoing process of features and finalization even, so it’s a pretty common thing. But for the development process this is not good actually, because it’s always better to have something settled with a solid plan, and have these types of things… so “oh, let’s do this thing instead!” when it comes to actual plans, and everybody is on their seats, you know, and they’re just working on their features and… it’s really not a good idea to change this plan, to change this flow. But sometimes we have a conclusion that this idea will be better with some additional things, so yeah; usually the process is settled but sometimes we change it with different kinds of additions.        

8. Following up the previous question is there any room for ideas from a community (e.g. craft recipes, event ideas etc) or for now you are focused on polishing the game?

Nikita: Of course! Crafting recipes, event ideas, we are always open for ideas like that. I read reddit quite often and see different kinds of ideas, sometimes I note them down and even create a task for it, so yes at this moment you still can add something. I mean community ideas, and everything. But I think there will be a moment when there will be actual polishing of the game, and at that point we will be locked from any new ideas, or stored for future DLCs.         

9. Is there a chance there will be more varietyness in the game – for example code generation to gain an access to a certain areas on the map (for example some doors need pin-codes that change every raid, codes need to be found on in raid)

Nikita: It’s possible. The whole feature related to the code panels is still at the first iteration, just the code panels and the cards. We also have a modeled number pad, so you will need to enter actual codes, and these codes will be obtainable in the raid or it could be cracked, and in the hideout too. So yes, we have these things in the plans, but I do not know when exactly we’ll implement it in the game.   

10. Are you planning to introduce VOIP radio so teammates in a same raid can communicate in a private voice channel even when they are on different sides of the map?

Nikita: There will be radio sets, so you will be able to use these radio sets with the VOIP, but on the radio, so yes it’s planned.

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