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Escape From Tarkov DLSS feature is “almost there”

DLSS might be closer than we think.

Update 2: BSG published the official patch notes for update You can find them on this link.

Update 1: Battlestate Games has revealed that tomorrow, Escape From Tarkov will get a new patch that will most probably add the DLSS feature. The patch is titled, and its installation will take the servers down for approximately 2 hours. The game won’t be accessible during its maintenance. Details remain scarce, but according to the details given during the official broadcast, the addition of NVIDIA DLSS should be added among other things. Besides that, we’re talking about Battlestate Games. It wouldn’t surprise me if we get a lot more than that.

Escape From Tarkov, the most realistic and mechanically god-tier first-person tactical shooter game is ready to implement NVIDIA’s DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) feature to the game. This feature should significantly impact the frames (FPS), as we know how demanding the game could sometimes be, especially during a heavily loaded raid. During BSG’s broadcast almost two weeks ago, the developer promised Nvidia’s DLSS technology to be implemented in the game sooner than later.

If you remember correctly, during the broadcast, it was said that the DLSS feature should arrive within the next week, but we’re almost two weeks away from the original statement without the implementation coming to life. Today, the COO of Battlestate Games, Nikita, in reply to a comment on Twitter, has stated that the implementation is “almost there.”

The comment can be found below:

With that said, we should expect DLSS to come sooner than later, with a rough estimate of within a week tops from the time of this writing. Nvidia’s DLSS seems quite promising. Its most recent Escape From Tarkov showcase left the fans baffled by its performance drawn by the enormous FPS boost. Yes, it might result in a blurry scenario which many do not like, but having a 30-50 FPS means a lot for a game of this caliber. We have reached BSG for a possible statement on its exact release date, so we’ll update this article if we get any response. Yes, according to the “indirect” conversation with the representatives, this patch should add the NVIDIA DLSS tech into the game.

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