Pikmin Bloom New Update to Bring Weekly Challenges

A while ago, a game promising enough to take Pokemon Go down from its throne of popularity named Pikmin Bloom, was released.

As the days went by, Pikmin Bloom got described as a game that would woo you over with its cute creatures, gardens, and the new AR experience, and it did just that. It did not take Pokemon Go’s throne, but it stayed there with the giants.

Niantic’s focus is not just on Pokemon Go, as it was revealed that the game is going to get an update in the upcoming days that will bring new weekly challenges, rewards and more. There are rumors that Pikmin Bloom will encourage its players to go out more and connect more.

The first challenge that players will be getting this week is a step count. Once a player hits 50,000 or 100,000 steps, they will be rewarded with rare nectars, items that Pikmin Bloom fans know are very important for the gameplay.

More pieces of information will be revealed as the update day comes closer.

What do you think about Pikmin Bloom? Do you play the game?

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