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Pokemon Go And Pikmin Bloom Maker Niantic Is Making A New Game Peridot

Niantic is known best for its most popular mobile game Pokemon Go, but it looks like a new and upcoming game might take Pokemon Go’s place.

The new information announced by Ziah, a Senior Producer at Niantic, is that the company is developing a new game called Peridot. The Pokemon Go-style (supposedly) game will soon enter a soft launch testing phase in select markets, and it will show its players the joys of raising a pet of their own.

Peridot is an all-new, real-world AR mobile game (Pokemon Go much?) that shows the joy of caring for, raising and breeding creatures on a device in your hands. These unique creatures will need help from their “owners” to navigate the world and to have better journeys together, players should develop a relationship with their Peridots (or Dots, as the developers call them).

Some Reddit users say the game looks like Niantic-style Pokemon, with improved features such as in-game communication and cross-breeding (it seems like it?) while others say that this is Niantic’s way of removing its dependence on Pokemon Go. We all wonder if Peridot will be the next Pokemon Go or the next Pikmin Bloom (since many players either play less or stopped completely).

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  1. I think GO players should brace themselves for TPC ending their partnership with Niantic.

    I know a lot of people are still playing GO. But with Niantic slow dripping new contents that pushes long time players away, removing helpful accessibility features that keeps players spending more time, and no appealing incentives to attract new players, things are moving downhill. Plus, soon enough, they will catch up to the upcoming Gen 9, which means more content withholding to extend longetivity as long as possible. I cannot imagine how dull the game and repetitive the cycle will be when that happens.

    And now they are making their own ‘Fakemon’ that could signify they are moving away from GO. Might not happen anytime soon, but be ready. The end msy be near.

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