Pokemon Go Changes to Mega Evolution

As part of their Dev Diaries, Niantic has shared some exciting news about Mega Evolution, Mega Raids and other things involving the next stage of Pokemon evolution.

First and foremost, the update that we will be talking about is already live in Australia and New Zealand, and Niantic has stated that soon the new Mega system will be live in other parts of the world.

Once the update goes live, Mega Raids will be much easier, as it will require fewer people to take down the Mega Beast, and to Mega Evolve a Pokemon will be more accessible since Trainers will be able to do that from a raid and battle prep screens. The Pokemon that have already been Mega Evolved in the past will now have special visual effects.

Now, the exciting part. Niantic will be introducing the upcoming feature named Mega Levels. Similar to Trainer Level (sort of), every time a Trainer Mega Evolves a Pokemon, that said Pokemon will have a higher Mega Level. For each level up, there will be bonuses and rewards, and the bonuses will be active while there is an ongoing Mega Evolution.

If a Trainer catches a Pokemon that is the same type as the active Mega Evolution, there will be increased Candy and increased damage from other Trainers’ Pokemon Team if there is a Mega-Evolved Pokemon in Raid or Gym Battles. A Pokemon’s resting period will decrease as its Mega Level increases. New bonuses include an increased chance of earning Candy XL and increased XP for catching Pokemon that are the same type as the Mega Evolved Pokemon.

Last but not least, it seems that Niantic has finally heard its fans and decided to remove Mega Energy for Mega Evolving a Pokemon that has already been through it. Still, there will be a rest period, but if you want to decrease it, you can use Mega Energy, but as the rest period gets shorter you will need less and less Mega Energy.

What do you think about Mega Evolution? Do you know what it does? Tell us in the comments below.

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