Pokemon Go Max Mega Energy Increased to 9999

Trainers, according to the latest Pokemon Go datamine, the Max Mega Energy has increased from 2000 to 9999.

A Pokemon Go player can hold a maximum of 2000 Mega Energy at a time, but it looks like things are about to change and a player can hold a maximum of 9999 Mega Energy at a time. Sounds great, right?

To make it clear for everyone, Mega Evolving a Pokemon requires Mega Energy, a resource that you can collect in multiple ways. You can earn Mega Energy by defeating a Mega-Evolved Pokemon in a Raid Battle or completing specific research tasks. You can also occasionally earn Mega Energy by walking with your Buddy Pokemon if you have previously Mega Evolved a Pokemon in your Buddy Pokemon’s Evolutionary line.

It’s important to note that Mega Energy can only be used for one specific Pokemon species.

The amount of Mega Energy you’ll receive from a Mega Raid Battle depends on how quickly you defeat the Raid Boss. Upon defeating a Mega Raid Boss, you’ll see a Speed stat on the summary screen, which determines how much Mega Energy you earn.

Trainers can only collect 2,000 Mega Energy collect per Pokemon species. If you reach this limit, you will not receive Mega Energy after defeating a Mega Raid Boss. We plan to convert this extra Mega Energy into another reward in the future. As per Niantic

What are your thoughts about this? Do you think that Mega Legendary Raids are on the way? Let us know in the comments below.

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