Pokemon Go Players Report Masterwork Research Reset Bug

Trainers, it seems like there is a bug that causes the Masterwork Research to reset, and some players claim that it did not happen just once, but three times.

The Pokemon Go Masterwork Research has four stages, each stage offering different tasks, rewards, and Pokemon encounters. The Masterwork Research Apex is designed to take a long time to complete, and by completing the tasks you’ll end up getting Apex Shadow Ho-Oh, and Apex Shadow Lugia encounters. This Research is available only for Pokemon Go Tour Johto ticket holders.

Now, according to some Pokemon Go players the Pokemon Go Masterwork Research Apex resets for no reason, and players must start with the tasks from the very beginning. That doesn’t sound fun at all, because there are some very hard tasks like Complete 000 Field Research tasks or Earn a heart with your buddy 30 days in a row, and just when you thought you’ve completed it, you must start all over again because of an annoying bug.

This has happened once, twice or three times for some players, and support can’t do anything about it. There is a theory about the bug, and it looks like you must interact with your buddy twice a day, once in the morning and once at night to not lose the progress.

According to yakusokuN8, “the running theory is that this research may be reseting based on how long it has been since you last did a buddy reaction, not if you’ve done one per calendar day. So, if you interacted at 6 a.m. on the 17th and interacted at 2 p.m. on the 18th, 30 hours have elapsed, which is more than a day, 24 hours. I would recommend interacting with your buddy TWICE a day, once in the morning and once at night, to see if that prevents any future resets.”

That’s not fun at all, and players are hoping to see it fixed very soon. Have you experienced this? Do you know how to solve this issue? We would like to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

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  1. 3 times… first two times I thought it’s my fault even so I do it every day almost automatically I thought I might have forgotten it. But now the third time there is no doubt I did it daily. Unfortunately I started googling if there is a problem just now.

  2. It is really annoying, i always wonder who makes such dumb task idea in a row, pokemon go is supposed to be fun not annoying or tiring. Most likely the person who come up with in a row task is out of ideas i saw task for 7 days in a row but a month and you have a bug as well which NN can’t fix. Shld just have the option to change the task lol. Dude take a vacation

  3. Yes, both my son and I have had this happen many, many times and have daily heart screenshots to prove it. I’ve just given their support a 1* rating because despite providing photo evidence of the daily heart they maintain a day must have been missed. I have just found this thread and would rather they admit to the issue and tell us this information than keep saying it must be the users fault.

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