Pokemon Go Rare Candy Changes, Players are not Happy

Trainers, Niantic and Pokemon Go have announced that they will make changes regarding Rare Candy, and the players are not happy with these changes.

Niantic and Pokemon Go announced that they will reduce the chances of getting Rare Candy in Raiding, but will increase the chances of getting Rare Candy in Go Battle League. They also stated that players can now obtain Rare Candies in Gifts.

So, what does this mean? This means that the chance of getting Rare Candies from Raids will be very low, and you can get only one Rare Candy for every 10 Gifts.

Pokemon Go Rare Candy Chances

  • Rare Candy chances decrease from Raids
  • Rare Candy chances slightly increased in GBL
  • Players can now get Rare Candies in Gifts

As mentioned above, players are not happy with this change, and here is what they have to say.

What are your thoughts about this? We would like to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

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  1. How does it decide what pokemon you are getting a xl candy for in gifts or gbl? Should leave everything alone and just fix what isn’t working before adding stuff anyway. Who wants to trade 100 candies for 1 rare candy anyway that’s crazy to should of decreased that.

  2. I absolutely hate pvp. They keep making these dumb changes and a lot of people are going to stop playing. Don’t fix what’s not broken…

  3. I hate this move by Niantic. I m not a pvp player unless I have to in order to complete a specific task. Otherwise it just isn’t fun for me. I do love raids however. Please consider.

  4. Ugh! Another bad change. I’ve been on level 43 for over a year because I can’t do PVP. Why are they so intent on getting people to quit playing?

    1. I too am stuck at level 43 as I suck at battles. I do not enjoy GBL and now if I want rare candies I have to be miserable doing something I hate! Thanks Niantic for yet again ruining this game. I’ve had enough.

    2. You don’t need to win any battles in the battle league to level up to 44. You can get your wins in battles with a friend. Just find a friend who will agree to let you fight and beat them 30 times for each level.

  5. I think it’s worth it. I live in an area that hardly has any gyms unlike most major cities. So PvP makes the game enjoyable until the next big trip to a busier area. So access to rare candy through PvP is fair and evens out the playing field a little more.

    1. Yes but some people don’t like pvp and enjoying raiding. It is punishing the people who don’t like pvp.

    2. While I dont think that way, sure rare candy as pvp rewards is good but for people who arent great in pvp or cant take the time to check which attack is good in pvp which arent
      . Its putting more stress to get those candies which is why I dont agree

  6. All of their recent “changes” are making me re-evaluate my interest in playing this game. I’m a collector, not a battler, I have more in common with Goh (who I personally dislike as a character, but, oh well) than with Ash. I will fight over a gym, but I find the mechanics of Go Battle League uninteresting. I use the rare candies to evolve or power up Pokémon if I am having trouble locating enough individuals to do so. This is just another way that Niantic is trying to force everyone into battling, something not everyone wants to do.

  7. Agreed with the person that said if this is to increase PVP, then you add more rare candies versus taking them away from raids. Guess I won’t need to stockpile remote raid passes any more.

  8. I have a hard enough time getting people to join raids with me. RIP my chances now that there’s no reward on top of not being guaranteed the boss’s capture…

  9. I really liked getting rare candy from raids helped me evolve my Pokémon that are hard to get candy for unless u walk alot which is hard for a dad to do please consider not changing please

  10. I’m considering moving on to another game if this happens. I absolutely despise PvP and it seems Niantic is trying to shove it down peoples’ throats.

  11. I am not a PVP player, I’m not opposed to them making it easier to get in PVP but don’t punish the ones of us that don’t play PVP. Leave the raids alone.

  12. I don’t like doing PVP at all. I will kinda do the challenges, but it is not something I want to do. Please reconsider.

  13. Why can’t they make regional available in pvp? Always have to do the most extra shit huh? Thanks Niantic!

  14. I hate pvp. It just isn’t fun for me and I only do it to complete tasks and even then it feels like a chore rather than a game. I really do wish they would quit trying to make you play the way they want instead of the way you want.

  15. Seriously, just increase amount given in pvp, and leave raids alone. It’s not that hard. I really believe Niantic has selective hearing when it comes to what fans want in these games. While we’re on the subject, when are they going to fix the gym bug that switches out my new team for the previous team I had? Getting real tired of my teams swapping on me while I’m battling a gym

  16. I hate raids. There are no gyms around me, and I’m not wasting time going out of my way just to fail a solo raid because literally nobody does raids around here. I enjoy pvp, so this is a great change for me.

  17. I am a pvp player but I like raids more. Don’t punish raid users and just emphasize pvp for this I am not using pvp any longer this is a failed attempt at emphasizing one of your features leave the raids ALONE

  18. I hate pvp I also live in a, remote area with 3 gyms am a grandmother yes a grandmother and live playing. Love raids and am forever buying remote raid passes i really dispise go battle league and really only battle to finish researches please do not fix what is not wrong, rare candies are hard enough to get as I depend on being invited unless my kids and their friends visit and can put a team together. Most unhappy probably will stop playing did a year ago was fed up.

  19. This is absolutely wrong, I hate PvP. I’ve been stuck on level 43 for a while because I love collecting rather than batting PvP. It’s like punishing Goh for collecting Pokemon instead of battling like Ash. It isn’t fair and shouldn’t be done. SERIOUSLY! PLEASE DON’T DO THIS! Try something else.

  20. I despise PGB, and since my shoulder surgery, can’t play it anyway. For awhile now I’ve felt I need to move on from this game…too time consuming. But I have enjoyed it too much to quit. This may be the incentive I need to cut the cord.

  21. What about those of us players who are disabled, or not able to participate in parts of the game that involve lots of activity such as searching for gyms, spinners and basically any physical travel? There are alot of players that live in areas that are isolated without access to spinners and gymns. I am one of the players that doesn’t have opportunity to drive around to do these things very often. I’m in a wheelchair, can’t drive, but absolutely love this game. Btw, I am close to 60 years old. This game is something that keeps me going mentally, and gives me so much happiness. I just wish it wasn’t so geared for physical activity such as travel. It eliminates me from being able to participate in alot of the events and recieve alot of items.

  22. It’s a digital resource. Add to the PVP bonuses and leave Raids alone. What are they trying to do? All the recent changes have made the game less enjoyable, with the incense nerfing and now this. Sorry no one likes your stupid PVP function Niantic but this isn’t going to force people to use it? People are just going to stop playing. Do you know how much money people spend on remote raid passes? Stupid move.

  23. I’m not a pvp fan. It’s hard enough to get candy for some creatures. I’m fed up with these latest changes.

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