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The Cycle Frontier “Combat Ready” Quest Guide

Combat Ready is a quest in The Cycle: Frontier. The quest is given by Emmanuel Sullivan Osiris CEO & Lead Researcher. It consists of 3 different parts. All of them are included below.

The Cycle Frontier “Combat Ready” Quest Details

Quest Image

General Quest Dialogue

Stims aren’t recommended for more than life or death emergencies, sometimes leading to more complications than the initial injury or simply not acting fast enough to make a difference.

Osiris thinks it can fix at least one of those problems, if you can help them find the ingredients they need.

Final Rewards

  • x10 Combat Stim
  • Unlocks the purchase of buying Combat Stims

Quest Parts, Objectives & Guides

Click on Parts to sweep through all of the quest parts.

Part 1 Dialogue

Research into Fortuna III’s biosphere has so much potential, yet there’s so little interest by any other parties! Everyone needs immediate results! Well then, let’s show them results! Get me tissue samples from a Crusher, studying their regenerative properties should allow us to develop even stronger health stims.


  • Hunt 1 Crushers
  • Deliver 1 Crusher Flesh


  • 2300 FP
  • x117 Osiris Scrip
  • x20000 Krypto Marks


For this, make sure you pick up the best gun and attachments from your inventory, especially if you’re planning to go in solo. Crescent Falls is a hard map, so tread your path carefully. There are Crushers at Starport Warehouse, just north of it, and one before the west entrance of Pinnacle Labs. Those are big creatures that are willing to charge and throw rocks at you and are buffer than the ordinary Jeffs.

Combat Ready Part 2
Part 2 quest image

Part 2 Dialogue

Excellent work, I imagine the donor didn’t pose too much of a challenge for you. Now, my team will need some additional supplies; here’s a list.


  • Deliver 1 Portable Lab
  • Deliver 10 Glowy Brightcap Mushrooms
  • Deliver 5 Medical Supplies


  • 2800 FP
  • x158 Osiris SCRIP
  • x22000 Krypto Marks


  • Portable Lab can be found in Briefcases and in Medical Areas. I also believe it has a chance to spawn in Cabinets, so make sure you loot them. Reasonably, it should have a slightly higher spawn rate on Crescent Falls. But can also be found in the north area on Bright Sands, such as the Crashed Ship. Sometimes you’ll even find it laying on the ground.
  • Medical Supplies can spawn in Medical Cases, and Waterfall Labs and Vaccine Labs are decent POIs in that regard.
  • Glowy Brightcap Mushrooms are tricky to get, as they can only be farmed during the storm. The places where you can farm them are around the Swamp and in the Jungle. They share the same spawns with the Brightcap Mushrooms, but they can only be farmed during the 5-minute storm period. To complete this, make sure you carry strong meds with you and heal yourself between each storm tick.
    Important: The storm tick can be avoided. As soon as you see the red lightning surrounding you, make sure to get away from it asap. For that reason, keep at least half of your stamina bar when you’re on this quest.
    Otherwise, the storm tick comes after the RED lightning strikes the ground. That’s exactly when you should expect the damage tick to occur. The glowy mushrooms are in a slightly different color, check the image below.
Glowy Brightcap Mushrooms
Glowy Brightcap Mushrooms Locations
Combat Ready Part 3 Quest Image
Part 3 quest image

Part 3 Dialogue

Initial trials have proven to be… disappointing. The near-immediate healing process works flawlessly, as I predicted, but it appears to be excruciatingly painful. Retrieve some Dustblooms for me, Prospector; their analgesic properties should be just what we need. And then you can test the first batch yourself!


  • Deliver 8 Dustblooms


  • 2800 FP
  • x158 Osiris SCRIP
  • x22000 Krypto Marks


  • Dustblooms can be gathered at the Pinnacle Labs and Starport Warehouse on Crescent Falls. Check the image below for more info.
Dustbloom Flowers Location
Dustbloom Locations

Keep in mind that the guides are a work in progress. If you notice anything out of place, please let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Which questlines do you have to complete to get the questlines for “Combat Ready”?
    I’m LvL 15 or 16 in all fractions and done al lot of quests for Osiris, but didn’t got this “Combat Ready” quest by now.

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