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The Cycle Frontier “Lost Knowledge” Quest Guide

Lost Knowledge is a quest in The Cycle: Frontier. The quest is given by Emmanuel Sullivan Osiris CEO & Lead Researcher. It consists of 5 different parts. All of them are included below.

The Cycle Frontier “Lost Knowledge” Quest Details

Quest Image

General Quest Dialogue

Now Dr. Sullivan’s Interest is piqued after you helped uncover forgotten research into the planet’s extinct creatures and their unnatural anatomy.

It seems he’s realizing that the planet’s mysteries won’t unravel themselves without some hands’on “research” from prospectors like you.

Final Rewards

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Quest Parts, Objectives & Guides

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Part 1 quest image

Part 1 Dialogue

Prospector, one of our researchers has noticed rattler hides are particularly susceptible to cell pattern changes based on their diets. Head to Nutrition Farms Processing and help us by getting the right samples.


  • Visit Nutrition Farms Processing on Crescent Falls
  • Deliver 10 Rattler Skins
  • Deliver 25 Waterweed Filaments


  • 380 FP
  • x11 Osiris Scrip
  • x9400 Krypto Marks


  • Rattler Skins are dropped from dead Rattlers. Those are the spider-looking mobs with yellow eyes on any map.
  • Waterweed Filaments can be found around the waters. The Lake on Bright Sands has plenty of them. Check the image below for more info:
Waterweed Filaments Spawns
  • Nutrition Farms Processing is a POI on Crescent Falls. It’s highlighted in the image below:

Part 2 quest image

Part 2 Dialogue

I’ve been looking into everyone that worked at the Extinct Creatures lab, and it appears Dr. Farinha, its head of the operations, was lost when the ship getting him and his lab equipment off planet crashed. Check the ship’s debris in the Bright Sands’ Jungle, something might have survived the impact.


  • Hunt 5 Creatures around the Crashed Ship
  • Enter the Crashed Osiris Freighter
  • Deliver The Flight Recorder


  • 380 FP
  • x11 Osiris SCRIP
  • x9400 Krypto Marks


The quest is pretty straightforward, and it requires you to do three simple tasks. You need to go onto Bright Sands and visit the Jungle. That’s where the Crashed Osiris Freighter is located. Once you get in, find the Flight Recorder, survive and extract. The Flight Recorder is located at the front of the Crashed ship.

Flight Recorder at the front of the Crashed Ship

As for the mobs, if there aren’t any inside or are missing, you can go at the tail of the ship and just pull mobs from there so the eliminations count towards the quest.

Part 3 Dialogue

We’ve received several reports of faulty weapons: jams, low power, misaligned sights… I need you to get me data on our weapons’ performance against real targets. The old Favela in Crescent Falls should be a good test site.


  • Visit Favela on Crescent Falls
  • Eliminate 6 Prospectors using an Osiris weapon.


  • 380 FP
  • x11 Osiris Scrip
  • x7800 Krypto Marks


The quest is pretty straightforward. You visit the Favela, the named location on Crescent Falls (the hard map). The Favella is marked in the image below:

Favela map location

The rest is simple, eliminate 6 enemy players by using an Osiris weapon on any map you like. Eligible weapons are:

  • Scarab
  • Manticore
  • Phasic Lancer
  • ASP Flechette Gun
  • Gorgon
  • Basilisk

Part 4 Dialogue

I listened through parts of that crashed ship’s flight recorder, and several conversations caught from the cabin had our man talking about ‘Crystal Caverns’ in relation to his research. Head there and see what you find, collect mineral and bio samples from the area.


  • Find the Mysterious Cave Entrance on Crescent Falls
  • Hunt 5 Creatures around the Mysterious Cave Entrance
  • Deliver 10 Clear Veltecite


  • 380 FP
  • x11 Osiris Scrip
  • x9400 Krypto Marks


  • The Mysterious Cave Entrance on Crescent Falls is located just west of Nutrion Farms Processing. The thing is, that’s not even a cave. It’s just like a POI that has a hole in the ground. (check the image below). Once you get there, you need to eliminate 10 creatures of any type.

  • Clear Veltecite can be mined from Veltecite Veins that can be found around waterfalls or water in general. Modded Mineral Scanner can help you find the nodes easier.
Lost Knowledge Part 5 quest image
Part 5 quest image

Part 5 Dialogue

It’ll take some time to run tests on these. In the meantime, it seems Dr. Farinha survived the crash, though he never made it off planet. From what I gathered he might have sought shelter in this area… Head there and search for any more clues on his whereabouts, any research he carried with him would be of great value.

  • Find the Lost Scientist
  • Deliver his Notebook


  • 600 FP
  • x19 Osiris Scrip
  • x11000 Krypto Marks


The lost scientist is located in Favela, named POI on Crescent Falls. The Lost Scientist (dead body) laying on the southeast side of the POI, inside a clinic. The Notebook is next to his corpse. For a better overview, check the image below:

Keep in mind that the guides are a work in progress. If you notice anything weird, please let us know in the comments below!

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