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The Cycle Frontier “Orbital Repairs” Quest Guide

Orbital Repairs is a quest in The Cycle: Frontier. The quest is given by Emmanuel Sullivan Osiris CEO & Lead Researcher. It consists of 4 different parts. All of them are included below.

The Cycle Frontier “Orbital Repairs” Quest Details

Quest image

General Quest Dialogue

Warm up tests on the Orbital Cannon have uncovered a serious accuracy issue that needs to be resolved ASAP. The problem is, the satellite is already in orbit, and recalling it would raise questions about its true purpose.

You’ll need to help Osiris develop a hotfix.

Final Rewards

  • x1 Basilisk

Quest Parts, Objectives & Guides

Click on Parts to sweep through all of the quest parts.

Orbital Repairs Part 1
Part 1 quest image

Part 1 Dialogue

Target calibration on our satellite is off; it was within acceptable parameters in our original designs, but wasn’t accounted for when we switched to an orbital platform. I’m sending a team down to Pinnacle Labs for telemetry, make sure you have what they need, and clear the area of hostile creatures.


  • Stash 2 Gyrocopes at Pinnacle Labs
  • Hunt 25 Creatures at Pinnacle Labs on Crescent Falls


  • 2300 FP
  • x117 Osiris Scrip
  • x20000 Krypto Marks


  • Gyroscopes can be found in Cabinets. They need to be brought in the raid as this quest is a Dead Drop quest.
  • Hunting 25 Creatures at Pinnacle Labs will require multiple runs on Crescent Falls.
  • This is a Dead Drop quest. The Pinnacle Labs Dead Drop is on the edge of the map. Check the image below for better explanation.
Pinnacle Labs Dead Drop
Pinnacle Labs Dead Drop Location
Orbital Repairs Part 2
Part 2 quest image

Part 2 Dialogue

The ICA has been following up on all our recent ‘weapons’ research on station and gotten curious about the lack of tangible results. Head to the surface and perform some ‘tests’ with Osiris gear on some unwilling participants, it should distract them for long enough to get our satellite fully operational.


  • Eliminate 6 Prospectors using an Osiris Weapon.


  • 2800 FP
  • x158 Osiris SCRIP
  • x18000 Krypto Marks


  • The quest is pretty straightforward and requires you to eliminate 6 enemy players with an Osiris Weapon.

Eligible Weapons for this quest are:

  • Scarab
  • Manticore
  • Phasic Lancer
  • ASP Flechette Gun
  • Gorgon
  • Basilisk
Orbital Repairs Part 3
Quest Image

Part 3 Dialogue

The worst outcome is of course the most likely. The satellite will need to be modified while in orbit and part of the outer casing replaced. Retrieve these materials, they should be light yet durable enough to do the job.


  • Deliver 10 Hardened Bone Plates
  • Deliver 10 Smart Mesh
  • Deliver 20 Salvaged Insulation


  • 2800 FP
  • x158 Osiris SCRIP
  • x22000 Krypto Marks


  • Hardened Bone Plates can be obtained from dead Marauders. They are both available on Bright Sands and Crescent Falls. Eliminating them is quite hard, so make sure you bring high stopping power with you.
  • Smart Mesh is a rare spawn, and can be located in higher danger zones. Starport Warehouse on Crescent Falls is one of them (on the racks), but Bright Sands also has it, in the Jungle and the Crashed Ship. Can also be found in Industrial Crates and Dumpsters, but also as a static spawn in some industrial areas.
  • Salvaged Insulation can be found in Science Campus and South West Collection Point, including as a static spawn in other industrial areas.
Orbital Repairs Part 4
Part 4 quest image

Part 4 Dialogue

The satellite’s orbit is too low for our technicians to safely operate at due to all the TEF radiation from the planet. We’ll need to construct specialized EVA suits; a mesh made from crusher hide to envelop them might be enough to keep our people safe. For a short while, anyway.


  • Deliver 3 Crusher Hides


  • 3600 FP
  • x214 Osiris Scrip
  • x24000 Krypto Marks


  • Crusher Hides are dropped by Crushers and Alpha Crushers after their elimination. Crushers are the biggest mobs in the game, found on Crescent Falls. Crushers can be found inside Starport Warehouse, north of Starport Warehouse, and on the road between Starport Warehouse and the Pinnacle Labs. Shooting them in the ankles will bring them down on their knees, while their best weak spot is on their back (red color). Below you can find their locations:
Crusher Spawns on Crescent Falls
Crusher Spawns on Crescent Falls

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  1. You’re missing a crusher location to the south east of the oasis. Also your quests rewards and requirements are slightly outdated. Minor adjustments. In most casts these guides request more items than are actually required to complete the quests. Overall I enjoyed using the guide!

    1. Thanks for your comment! I appreciate it a lot! I was anticipating the change of rewards but did not believe that it will come to this extent. There are plenty of changes, I know.

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