The Cycle: Frontier Rolls Out CB2 Update 2.5, Adds New Cheat Detection and Prevention

Weapon nerfs and improved anti-cheat for the last 4 days of Closed Beta 2.

The Cycle: Frontier is just about to conclude its closed beta. The closed beta is estimated to run until April 25th, but Yager does not seem to give up and roll out a new update that will carry over these last 4 days of the experimental phase. Update 2.5 nerfs some of the high tier weapons, including the Voltaic Brute, the Hammer, KOR-47, and others too.

Currently, the server is under maintenance for the deployment of the new 2.5 update. The patch is going to alter most of the weapons. Not only is the Voltaic Brute among the weapons that are being nerfed, but it is also the one that will be more difficult to handle due to the increased horizontal and vertical recoil.

According to Yager, this is the last patch The Cycle Frontier gets during this Closed Beta cycle. The next stop will be its official release, which was originally planned for April 2022. Who knows, maybe the developer is ready to roll out a stable version of the game sooner than later.

The Cycle Frontier CB2 Update 2.5 Changelog

Below you can find the complete changelog for this update.


  • Reduced damage of high tier weapons:
  • PKR Maelstrom: Damage reduced from 8 to 7
  • KBR Longshot: Damage reduced from 39 to 35
  • Advocate: Damage reduced from 10 to 9
  • Asp Flechette: Damage reduced from 12 to 10
  • KOR-47: Damage reduced from 15 to 13
  • Hammer: Damage reduced from 31 to 28
  • Voltaic Brute: Damage reduced from 12 to 10
  • Basilisk: Damage reduced from 40 to 34
  • Voltaic Brute: Increased horizontal and vertical recoil for Brute
  • Increased recoil when zooming in with a scope
  • Damage amplification for weapons with a high penetration value now can’t exceed 30% against lower-tier armors


  • Fixed some additional exploits that could be abused
  • Implemented more cheat detection and prevention
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