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The Cycle Frontier “Time For More Work” Quest Guide

Time For More Work is a quest in The Cycle: Frontier. The quest is given by Vadim Tanayev – Head of Operations for Korolev on Fortuna III. It consists of 4 different parts. All of them are included below.

The Cycle Frontier “Time For More Work” Quest Details

Time For More Work
Quest image

General Quest Dialogue

Those science people may be busy trying to understand what it is they just discovered, but there’s always more work a resourceful prospector like you can do to keep Korolev on top.

Final Rewards

  • 1x Shield
  • 1x Scrapper

Quest Parts, Objectives & Guides

Click on Parts to sweep through all of the quest parts.

Part 1 quest image

Part 1 Dialogue

Creatures from the Jungle are still bleeding into nearby sites. Thin their numbers.


  • Hunt 10 Rattlers in the Jungle on Bright Sands
  • Hunt 3 Marauders in the Jungle on Bright Sands


  • 380 FP
  • x11 Korolev Scrip
  • x7800 Krypto Marks


The quest is pretty straightforward. Just go to the jungle and elimiante Rattlers and Marauders within the area. Rattlers are the crab looking mobs, while the Marauders are the biggest mobs operating in that area.

Part 2 Dialogue

A group of delegates from a trading partner will be visiting soon, and they always expect gifts. See if you can find something shiny for them.


  • Deliver 5 Jewelry


  • 480 FP
  • x14 Korolev Scrip
  • x10000 Krypto Marks


Jewelry is best found in Jackets and Safes.

Time for Work Part 3 quest image
Part 3 quest image

Part 3 Dialogue

Our small arms team is working on iterations to new SMG-type weapons and could do with more real-world data. Give them a good show.


  • Eliminate 5 players with an SMG.


  • 600 FP
  • x19 Korolev Scrip
  • x9400 Krypto Marks


The quest asks you to kill enemy players with an SMG. Eligible weapons for this quest are:

  • S-576 PDW
  • KM-9 ‘Scrapper’
  • ASP Flechette Gun
  • Voltaic Brute
Time For More Work Part 4 Quest Image
Part 4 quest image

Part 4 Dialogue

Defoaming reports show a big decline in our weapons landing the final blow, it makes Korolev look bad. Make sure other Prospectors understand Korolev is superior.


  • Stash an Uncommon Restoration Shield at Gate C
  • Stash an Uncommon Backpack at Gate C


  • 600 FP
  • x19 Korolev Scrip
  • x11000 Krypto Marks


  • The quest asks you to stash both Green Backpack and Restoration Shield at Gate C, so make sure you take those items with you before you deploy on a raid. This is another Dead Drop mission. The Dead Drop is located in Gate C in the Base Camp on Bright Sands. The location for it is marked in the image below.

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