Escape From Tarkov New Event Imminent?

There might be a new Escape From Tarkov event starting tomorrow.

With Friday just around the corner, Battlestate Games is leaning into some sort of buildup for another Escape From Tarkov event. Fridays are days when Battlestate Games imbues a new event within Escape From Tarkov so players can have fun over weekends. This Thursday, Battlestate Games posted a real-life video in which a Scav is recording what seems to be a “goodbye video.”

In it, he specifies that he found a phone used by the Raiders and thinks it’s best to sell the phone to the Rogues as they may find it quite fascinating. He also instructs Chepushila (Scav’s name) to send the video to all sources if he’s not back in 48 hours. While no one has a clue where this leads, it definitely narrows to a new event within the Tarkov region. The published video can be found on Battlestate Games’ official Twitter profile.

The recording is in the Russian language. It translates to this:

Ok, listen to me, Chepushila. I am recording this video in case I don’t come back. I recently stole a phone from one of the raiders. It has so much info. Messages, contacts, notes, etc. I think Rogues would find this info interesting and I can get some money from it.

Otherwise, why would I risk my doing all of that? Ok, so if in 48 hours I don’t get in touch with you, you have to publish this. 48 hours is 2 days FYI, Chepushila. Ok, so all my stuff and items you can give to Therapist, she will handle it.

My favorite mug…, whatever, give it to Therapist too. Alright, I’m going. Good luck to me!

If I was to guess, Raiders are probably going to expand their activity in multiple regions besides Labs in order to find the missing phone. This could result in Raiders joining other maps, similar to what happened in previous events.

We do not believe that this event is connected to a fast wipe. It could be something related to it, but considering Escape From Tarkov’s upcoming features that haven’t yet been tested, we doubt seeing a wipe this soon. Still, June remains one of the best months for a wipe.

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