Escape From Tarkov: Raiders Are Leaving The Lighthouse Area, Further Developments Imminent

Raiders did not find Rijy, while he failed to sell the phone to the Rogues.

Battlestate Games have already started the foreplay heading into the following weekend. On Twitter, Battlestate Games posted an image revealing that Rijy, the Scav that had the stolen mobile phone from the Raiders, did not manage to sell it to the Rogues, and it’s still alive. He decides to move to Reserve and chill with Gluhar. Little does he know that Chepushila is not a trustworthy guy as he betrayed him once already.

TLDR: Rogues are leaving the Rogues on Lighthouse. Another Escape From Tarkov event might escalate into something much bigger than what we know. Significant events usually lean towards the military base, Reserve, which might be the next area swarmed by different factions.

The message can be found below:

According to Axel, the message translates to the following:

Chepushila, raiders came to the Lighthouse out of nowhere. I never had time to give the phone to rogues. They were looking for me everywhere, and I could barely escape. It seems like a lot is going on around that info. I’ll go to Reserve to chill with Gluhar. His guys are lit.

Previously, Chepushila tipped the raiders that the mobile phone they were looking for was in Rijy’s possession, which spent his time on Lighthouse trying to sell the mobile phone to the Rogues. Shortly after, the Raiders invaded Lighthouse in search of Rijy and the phone. While some believed he was being dealt with, he managed to survive, escape the conflict, and head towards a different territory.

This new territory of Rijy’s choice is Reserve, which could mean multiple things. He could be giving the info to Gluhar, which I doubt, but could also drive the Rogues towards the Reserve area, so we have a major clash between the titans. Rogues, Raiders, Scavs, PMCs, everyone at one place in search of the mobile phone.

If I was to guess, that mobile phone probably holds information on the next Escape From Tarkov wipe, which is why it’s so important for everyone. Until the story develops further, we’ll remain stuck in the dirt with no precise information. Either way, it should happen sooner than later.

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