Escape From Tarkov’s Latest Event Brings 30% Trader Discount

The "Trader Discount"event has begun.

Earlier today, we witnessed a message that seemingly teased a new event within Escape From Tarkov. Shortly after, on Thursday, May 12, Battlestate Games published a letter that confirmed a new event within the Tarkov territory. The event introduces a trader discount of around 30% for every particular item in their catalog.

The Therapist, also known as Elvira in the posted message, has ensured a lot cheaper entrance to Labs, one of the most intense maps in Escape From Tarkov. To get access to it, you can buy a Keycard from Therapist, which now costs less than before.

The message posted today addresses PMCs only, and holds the following content:

We have discussed the recent Lightkeeper situation with other traders. It has significantly struck our economics and the reputation. Only thanks to the effort of the former USEC and BEAR contractors scattered around Tarkov have we managed to return to business. To thank them for their help and at the same time return the flow of goods to the previous level, we have jointly decided to temporarily reduce the prices.

Elvira even promised to try to get access cards to the closed-off Laboratory complex from her depositories. For a price, of course, but cheaper than before.

Our business continues.

This event points toward a possible wipe in the near future, based on how similarly previous seasons concluded. Each one of them has had an identical event. Now that Escape From Tarkov has received new Anti-RMT measures preventing people from dropping items that are not found in raid, the next wipe cycle already shapes to be the most interesting one. Considering the implemented Anti-RMT changes, boosters or cheaters should be less present.

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