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How and Where to Get Mobile Spawn (Radio) in Arma Reforger?

People are confused how to get mobile spawn going.

Arma Reforger is out, but there are still some issues with the game, and everyone is troubled because of it. Nevertheless, there’s a way to counter every disconnection, and at this time, that is by equipping a radio that can be picked up at any conquered spot. In this way, if you or your friends disconnect randomly, you would be able to jump in and resume the action from the same spot by respawning on them. So, how to get mobile spawns going, and where to find these radios?

Until Bohemia fixes the issues, for the best gameplay experience, you’ll have to have some of these divided among your friends.

How to get mobile spawns in Arma Reforger?

The answer is simple. You need to get a Radio from an already conquered base. Be aware that this radio is larger than the walkie-talkie you already spawn with and can only be equipped as a backpack. That means that you cannot wear a backpack simultaneously. Suppose you want people to be able to spawn on you, then you should commit to it. Anyone from the faction can spawn on the wearer.

Fair Warning: You might get stuck in each other’s models upon spawning, so make sure you jump your way out.

These types of Radios can be picked from the headquarters or from an already invaded and conquered territory. Their spawns are usually at two spots. The table inside the command center tent (if smaller point), or the table at the command center building (huge military base), depends on the POI itself. They can be picked up from a green wooden box. Check the images below for a better understanding:

Arma 3 Radio Spawn Location

Another Radio that has a guaranteed spawn is in the camo, exactly where the HQ radio is located. It is in the ammunition box on the ground. Check the image below:

The mobile respawn timer is 40 seconds, so upon death, you will be prevented from spawning on your friend or radio for the same time. Keep in mind that having this equipped on your back will also allow you to hear and talk on a different radio frequency much clearer. Not that it’s mandatory, but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re a tryhard and want to communicate with different groups easier. It can be activated and shuffled through frequencies by pressing G on your keyboard.

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