When Is The Next Escape From Tarkov Wipe and What’s Coming With It?

Let's catch up on what we previously stated.

Escape From Tarkov is getting closer to a wipe at this point in its timeline. The game is seeing a huge success, with the developer catching up with the pace and actively working on the project. With an approximate timeline of 6 months between wipes, the next wipe is estimated to land in June. Judging by the most recent events, we’re getting closer, except if Battlestate Games decide to surprise with an earlier, unanticipated wipe.

A wipe means that the whole database is reset, and the players have to start a new cycle. No progress carries over, which means everything you had is deleted. The only thing you have is the starter packs (based on the game edition) that include a couple of guns, meds, and ammunition. If we compare it to other multiplayer games that have currency and balance of similar matter, none of them have finished well in the long-term, simply because it gets caught by inflation, and the economy is more likely to be destroyed.

Luckily for BSG, the game doesn’t represent the final product, which means the wipes are the game’s only breather. But as time flows, it gets easier for the developers, and their work and passion are away from a termination point. Working on a military sim of this level is merely the purest thing we (the fans) could get, and we’re grateful for it.

What else is coming with the next Escape From Tarkov wipe?

In a recent TarkovTV podcast, Nikita, the COO of Battlestate Games, revealed that the company aims to release Escape From Tarkov Arena, a tactical team-based first-person shooter mode. Escape From Tarkov Arena has a high probability of coming out this year, and it will be stunning to see it arrive with the next wipe. Whether standalone (pay to play) or joint, we’ll have to wait and see. If I was to guess, it would probably come for free for all Edge of Darkness owners.

Another piece of content coming to the game is definitely the Lighthouse Expansion and its Rogue Bosses, including the definitive CHAD named Lightkeeper. Lightkeeper is an upcoming in-game trader in Escape From Tarkov that will operate within the Lighthouse region. Unlike other traders, players will have to go and visit him in a raid for personal dealings. Given the narrative, he will be stationed inside the Lighthouse (now secured by an experienced team of snipers). Once the expansion arrives, players will probably need to grind a reputation and complete some quests to unlock access to him, or better said, stop the snipers from engaging.

Aside from that, there will probably be new guns and ammunition, including some new electrical gadgets, and a new tripwire mine that we talked about previously. These new objects will be sold by the Lightkeeper, and that is why the Lighthouse will become one of the toughest areas to secure.

As we’re all aware, waiting for five to six months without a special event hosted by Battlestate Games wouldn’t be the best option. It will tear the excitement down, and Escape From Tarkov will lose its snowball momentum. There will be concrete info about the next wipe in some of the upcoming BSG podcasts, so stay tuned for more!

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