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Pokemon Go Getting a New Chat Feature

For many, many years Pokemon Go fans have been waiting for the most important feature in the gaming world: an in-game chat. We are happy (or sad?) to report that the wait is now officially over.

The ones that are loyal to the game know that the base of the game is interaction. Interactions with those cute Pokemon, interactions with PokeStops, Gyms, Team GO Rocket members, and the latest feature to be added to the interaction part of the game is the in-game chat. While it is still in a closed beta test, we are hopeful that everything will be in its order so it can come to us in the next few months.

The exciting news was published on Niantic’s blog post, where they confirmed that the beta test is currently happening over at Ingress. While many think that this could cause problems (chatting with strangers that you might never meet), it would come in handy when it comes to planning Raids. For many months and years now, players have been planning battles on other existing social media, and once the feature comes, contacting other Trainers to battle with you will be a piece of cake.

Niantic has posted some pictures that might give us an idea of what the feature might look like, and it seems that they will be incorporating social maps. The good thing is that you can send or get messages from people on your friends list only. Overall, adding an in-game chat would make everything easier.

Fun fact: this type of communication has already been in some form of testing during the Wizards Unite era (that one month that the game existed), so some of you might already know how Niantic’s in-game chat might function.

We have been waiting for something like this, but what about you? How do you feel about the in-game chat addition?

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