Pokemon Go Shiny Pokemon with Boosted Shiny Rates May 2022

One of the rarest Pokemon, besides the notoriously hard-to-find Ditto, are the Shiny Pokemon. Those unique Pokemon are what every Trainer wants to have in their collection.

No matter how beautifully that sounds, Shiny Pokemon are extremely hard to find. Fortunately for us, Niantic sometimes feels generous and decides to increase the Shiny Pokemon for the chosen ones. Once booster, the greater chance a Trainer has to encounter a Shiny Pokemon.

From time to time, the list of increased Shiny rates tends to change, so here is the current list with boosted Shiny rates in May 2022.

Shiny Pokemon with Boosted Shiny Rates May 2022

  • Shiny Charizard
  • Shiny Pidgey
  • Shiny Grimer
  • Shiny Vulpix
  • Shiny Gengar
  • Shiny Shellder
  • Shiny Exeggutor
  • Shiny Marowak
  • Shiny Lickitung
  • Shiny Chansey
  • Shiny Kangaskhan
  • Shiny Scyther
  • Shiny Gyarados
  • Shiny Lapras
  • Shiny Omanyte
  • Shiny Aerodactyl
  • Shiny Snorlax
  • Shiny Ampharos
  • Shiny Pineco
  • Shiny Sneasel
  • Shiny Skarmory
  • Shiny Feebas
  • Shiny Absol
  • Shiny Clamperl
  • Shiny Shieldon
  • Shiny Gible
  • Shiny Alomomola

How many shiny Pokemon do you have so far? We would like to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

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  1. So far found 4 Shinys in Go since i started last January 🙂 Torchic, Wurmple, Azuraill, Stufful 🙂

  2. I’ve gotten to many shinys to count! I was noticing this month there was so many more! I specifically got a shiny Pikachu and two shiny Magikarp so I was pretty stoked.

  3. I currently have 1301 shiny’s in my dex including 22 shundos and 122 legendary shiny’s. I stopped playing in 2018 before shiny’s were released and started up again in the Summer of 2020. Needless to say my shiny luck is INSANE

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