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Pokemon Go Water Festival 2022 Featuring New Pokemon Debuts

Pokemon Go always has a fun way of celebrating things, and this time they are bringing back the Water Festival.

The event called Water Festival will begin on May 12th, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. and end on May 20th, 2022, at 8:00 p.m. local time. During those few days, there will be many debuts of Pokemon such as Lapras wearing a scarf, Dewpider and Araquanid. However, the most important debut during the Water Festival is the guardian deity of Poni Island named Tapu Fini. Last but not least, we will get a new Shiny version of the Pokemon named Binacle.

The Season of Alola Special Research: Poni Island Special Research will be available starting May 10th, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. local time. From May 11th, Trainers will get a new Global Challenge, where the goal is to catch 600,000,000 Water-type Pokemon until May 21st, 2022, at 1:00 a.m. and if that goal is completed, a bonus of 2x Candy for catching Pokemon will be activated. There will also be a Timed Research with 50 Gyarados Mega Energy, 1,000 XP, 1,000 Stardust and encounters with Lapras wearing a scarf and Dewpider as rewards.

As wild encounters during the Water Festival, we will have Tentacool, Slowpoke, Goldeen, Staryu, Magikarp, Marill, Lotad, Surskit, Carvanha, Wailmer, Tympole, Binacle, Dewpider, Poliwhirl, Mantine and Alomomola.

In one-star Raids, the Bosses that we will be able to challenge are Qwilfish, Wailmer, Spritzee, Helioptile and Rockruff. As three-star Raid Bosses, we will have Alolan Raichu, Lapras wearing a scarf, Feraligatr, Azumarill and Ludicolo. The most important Raids in Pokemon Go are the five-star Raids, for which Trainers will battle with Tapu Fini and Mega Raids where Mega Blastoise will be waiting for combat.

The 7km Egg Pool list will be expanded with Psyduck, Azurill, Mantyke, Mudkip, Feebas, Binacle, Staryu and Clamperl. As Field Research task encounters Trainers can get Magikarp, Carvanha, Wailmer, Luvdisc, Binacle, Dewpider, Lapras wearing a scarf and Marill. Some Field Research tasks will feature Blastoise Mega Energy and Gyarados Mega Energy as rewards upon completing them.

The event bonuses that will be active are the following:

Rainy Lure Modules activated during the event will last for two hours

2x Candy from hatching Eggs

Increased Candy XL from hatching Eggs

Last but not least, Trainers can dress their avatar in the water spirit with a special Water Festival Scarf that will mark the event loved by many.

What do you think about the Water Festival? Would you add something else?

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