Pokemon Go What are Ultra Beasts, How many Ultra Beasts are There and Ultra Recon Squad

Pokemon Go is about to get really exciting, and it is something that Trainers have wanted for a long time.

The addition we will be talking about is the upcoming arrival of Ultra Beasts. But what are those? What do they look like? To help you a little bit with the puzzles in your head, we have decided to create a guide about the exciting Ultra Beasts.

What are Ultra Beasts? First and foremost, the origin of the new type of Pokemon that will be released in Pokemon Go is from Ultra Space. They are a group of extradimensional creatures. With power beyond our understanding, they usually appear from Ultra Wormholes located in Alola. On the other side of the hole is Ultra Space, the place where Ultra Beasts reside.

Necrozma is the Beast that stole the light of Ultra Megalopolis, and for that reason, the Ultra Recon Squad came to the Alola Region. The members of this squad are Dulse, Zossie, Soliera, and Captain Phyco. Because of them, as time goes by we will be getting more information on the upcoming Ultra Beasts and Ultra Wormholes ( the “portal” from their world to our world).

From what is currently known (evidence provided by the researcher named Professor Burnet), there are eleven beasts. We made a list of all Ultra Beasts, so feel free to check it out below.

How Many Ultra Beasts are there?

  • Nihilego (codename UB-01 Symbiont)
  • Buzzwole (codename UB-02 Absorption)
  • Pheromosa (codename UB-02 Beauty)
  • Xurkitree (codename UB-03 Lighting)
  • Celesteela ( UB-04 Blaster)
  • Kartana (UB-04 Blade)
  • Guzzlord ( UB-05 Glutton)
  • Poipole (UB Adhesive)
  • Naganadel (UB Stinger)
  • Stakataka (UB Assembly)
  • Blacephalon (UB Burst)

The first Ultra Beast that will make its Pokemon Go debut is most likely Nihilego. Unfortunately, Niantic and Pokemon Go didn’t share much info about the upcoming Ultra Beasts or the Ultra Recon Squad.


What we do know is that Ultra Beasts are the next big thing in Pokemon Go, and as soon as we have more to share, you’ll be the first to know.

What are your thoughts about the Ultra Beast in Pokemon Go? What is your favorite Ultra Beast? We would like to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

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