The Cycle: Frontier Releases on June 8th

The Cycle Frontier is finally ready to dive into its preseason.

Yager, the developer of The Cycle: Frontier, is happy to announce that after its Closed Beta 2, the developer has finally polished the game, and it’s ready to propel it in pre-season and later traverse to Season 1. It wasn’t April at all. But instead, June is the designated month of release, allowing a revisit of Fortuna III. As a celebration of the announcement, The Cycle: Frontier received an official launch trailer that can be watched above this article.

The Cycle: Frontier releases on June 8, heading in Pre-Season, with June 22 drumming the start of Season 1. There won’t be account wipes in between.

Wednesday, June 8, will be the day when The Cycle Frontier will become available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store, fully available to everyone for free! On Wednesday, May 25, the developer revealed that the game will enter its Pre-Season course at first, traversing to its Season 1 two weeks after. There won’t be a wipe between these two periods, so make sure you dive in if you want to get that slight advantage over others.

What’s new since The Cycle: Frontier Closed Beta 2?

According to the developer, plenty of changes are coming with the launch of the Pre-Season, including weapon balancing and more. As Yager stated:

Our teams have been very hard at work since the end of our second Closed Beta. Your feedback provided us with tremendous help, and you can expect to see numerous improvements to weapon balance, progression, enemy AI, resource gathering, economy, and more! 

But we have more than balance and improvements to offer. More areas of the planet have been reworked in an effort to iron out all those nasty toe traps and inescapable pits. Some places will also be entirely new, including a perilous but lucrative dungeon full of lethal monsters and juicy loot. Enter at your own risk as the cavern dwellers are licking their lips at the prospect of their next meal delivery – but don’t keep your guard down on the way back, greedy Prospectors will gladly snatch those prizes from your foamed hands without having to face the deadly locals! 

As many say, The Cycle: Frontier is considered to be inspired by Escape From Tarkov, a realistic first-person shooter developed by Battlestate Games. It has similar mechanics but some distinct and unique features, which may addict the Escape From Tarkov player base. That’s why The Cycle: Frontier is known or commonly referred to as Escape From Tarkov in space.

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