Arma Reforger Mods are no longer PC Exclusives, Xbox Players Can Now Enjoy Playing Them Too

Xbox mods, network instability fixes, and no more disconnections. It's time.

The day has finally arrived. Shortly after the launch of Arma Reforger, Bohemia Interactive is happy to announce that the Workshop mods are not only available to the PC version, but instead, Xbox players can now participate in playing them as well. I guess this was Bohemia’s priority instead of working and finally settling the disconnections and game crashes. But guess what, the time has finally come.

Onward and upward, from today on, modded content is no longer exclusive to PC players. For the first time in the Arma series, Xbox players can now experience authentic combat on Xbox for the first time in the Arma series.

In the most recent dev report, Bohemia Interactive announced that vehicles should run smoothly with an added fix that corrects vehicles moving forward and possibly even flying when a driver disconnects. Items in the arsenal, such as magazines or else, will no longer shuffle around when you pick them up, which is another delicious QoL change if you ask me.

Nevertheless, Bohemia Interactive is still working on network instability, causing kicks and disconnections. In the recent dev report, they have stated the following:

We are still working on network instability issues causing kicks. Thank you for your patience. In the update, there is a fix for the authentication stage that should help with connecting to servers, especially those that are almost full. We also added more logging, so further diagnosis of network issues should be easier for us. We also have identified a couple of traffic optimizations, which are being worked on now and should be available in upcoming updates.

As we said, this pretty much means that now that the Xbox platform can access mods and the developer can focus on deploying other fixes. Fixes that would completely seize the annoying disconnections, which is one of the most annoying parts, undoubtedly.

On further highlighted changes, Bohemia Stated the following:

  • We have added transparent and adaptive UI brightness (controlled by the scene brightness).
  • In the task system, we are improving the architecture to support modding more.
  • We are improving the building of compositions – not being blocked by AI characters anymore.

Arma Reforger launched on May 17 in Early Access on both PC via Steam and Xbox.

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