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DayZ 1.18 Experimental Update #3 Lands on Xbox – Patch Notes

Bohemia Interactive pushes another experimental update, this time addressing the Xbox platform.

DayZ gets a new experimental update on the Xbox platform, reflecting the one pushed on the PC platform on May 31st. This is the third update for the 1.18 version as it is classified as such, which should resonate into a better gameplay experience before it lands on the live servers.

The update addresses a couple of game crash issues, followed by approximately the same changes on the PC platform. It is how Bohemia distinguishes and deploys updates across different platforms without forcing their delivery simultaneously.

Unlike the live servers, the experimental servers are there to gather player feedback and help Bohemia Interactive make changes before the content gets over to the live servers. Before its admission, it’s vital to notice how Bohemia Interactive is dealing with all of this, while it’s also dealing with a new product they launched that should haul over to a unique Arma experience.

Xbox Experimental 1.18 Update 3 – Version 1.18.154920 (Released on 02.06.2022)



  • Weapons wouldn’t fire while holding the shift key when playing with MnK (
  • Fixed a number of game crashes
  • It was possible to add the Remote Detonator to the improvised explosive’s attachments
  • Gas canisters would not explode when instantly ruined from pristine state
  • Magazines would not display the bullet count if it was 0 or 1
  • Inventory arrows of the fireplace cargo would indicate the wrong state
  • It was possible for 40mm ammunition to spawn with 0 quantity
  • Grenades attached to vests did not explode in the fireplace
  • It was possible to move an armed improvised explosive into the inventory
  • It was possible to arm an explosive in the inventory
  • The Claymore was visible for a brief moment after its explosion
  • The Claymore explosion was too fast and did not synchronize properly for players
  • The Claymore LED was not glowing at night
  • Smoke from 40mm smoke grenades was briefly visible if the expired in the players inventory
  • It was possible to detonate explosives via the tripwire
  • The 40mm explosive grenade did not explode when ruined
  • Disarming the plastic explosive would create an additional remote detonator
  • The improvised explosive would explode when ruined, even if there were no explosives inside
  • The improvised explosive and Claymore did not visually reflect their damaged states
  • Attaching the plastic explosive to the improvised explosive would make the cargo of the improvised explosive inaccessible
  • Two plastic explosives in an improvised explosive would reduce its damage
  • It was not possible to take a ruined plastic explosive back into hands
  • Grenades within the improvised explosive did not explode
  • The remote receiver did not disappear after disarming the plastic explosive
  • The remote receiver did not have a widget and could not be dropped from hands
  • The remote detonator did not display its damaged or ruined states
  • The remote detonator could not be repaired using the electronics repair kit
  • “Arm explosive” action was displayed when interacting with specific grenades with the remote detonator in hands
  • It was possible to skip the arming action for explosives
  • Infected did not react to the sound of shooting the M79 launcher
  • Several items were displaying invisible attachments
  • Cargo of cookware was not visible when attached to a fireplace
  • The PO-X Vial showed an “unpin” option
  • It was possible to attach the 40mm grenades to the tripwire
  • Kitchen Timer and Alarm Clock kept ringing after exploding as part of an explosive device
  • The spawn position of the dynamic train event was not truly random


  • The Claymore now features a close range explosion in all directions in addition to its directional main explosion
  • Tweaked the inventory icons of the 40mm ammunition to point upwards
  • It is no longer possible to arm the improvised explosive if not explosives are inside
  • It is now possible to disassemble a remote detonator with a screwdriver to gain a battery
  • It is no longer possible to attach the Caymore to the improvised explosive
  • Adjusted the composition of a dynamic train event
  • Adjusted inventory rotation of armbands
  • Reduced the inventory size of the sawn-off Blaze for consistency
  • Increased the range of the remote detonator
  • Added shock damage to the explosions of gas canisters


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