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Escape From Tarkov “Crisis” Quest Guide

Crisis is a quest in Escape From Tarkov given by Therapist. The quest asks you to hand over to find a variety of items.

Escape From Tarkov Crisis Quest Details

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Crisis Quest Dialogue

Young man, are you busy at the moment? An interested party from abroad, from behind the barricades, took an interest in a big batch of valuable medical equipment. I think they will find a better use if, instead of the scum here, you understand me. I would be extremely grateful if you could find the required tools for me. Here, take this. This is the list containing all the needed tools.


  • Find 5 Portable defibrillator in raid
    • Hand over the defibrillator
  • Find 5 Ophthalmoscopes in raid
    • Hand over the Ophthalmoscopes
  • Find 5 LEDX Skin Transilluminators
    • Hand over the LEDXs
  • Find 20 Piles of Meds
    • Hand over the Piles of Meds
  • Find OLOLO Multivitamins in raid
    • Hand over the OLOLO multivitamins


  • +137,000 XP
  • +1 Immunity skill level
  • +1 Vitality skill level
  • 5x AFAK tactical first aid kit
  • 5x SJ6 TGLabs combat stimulant
  • 1x Medicine Case

Reward Dialogue

Got it? Great. Hopefully, I won’t have to watch people die helplessly anymore.


Hideout Crafts

  • 1x Portable Defibrillator can be crafted in Medstation 2 for
    • 2x Magnet
    • 3x Bundle of wires
    • 4x Capacitors
    • 1x Portable Powerbank
  • 1x LEDX Skin Transilluminator can be crafted in Medstation 3 for
    • 2x Ophthalmoscope
    • 3x Magnet
    • 3x RFIDR
    • 3x Powerbank
    • 2x Defibrillator
    • ~39 hours to craft
  • 3x Pile of meds can be crafted in Medstation 2 for
    • 1x AI-2 Medkit
    • 1x Aseptic Bandage
    • 1x Augmentin

Portable Defibrillator spawn areas

  • Interchange
    • Emercom Medical Unit (unlocked with Emercom Medical Unit Key)
    • Mantis Store
    • Ultra medical storage room
  • Shoreline
    • Room 209
  • Labs
    • Green Room (unlocked with Green Labs Keycard)

LEDX Skin Transilluminator spawns

  • Shoreline
    • Blue Tape Key, Sanitar’s Office
    • East Wing 209, 226, 227, 306, 313, 328
    • West Wing 104, 205, 216, 301
  • Reserve
    • In Medic Building room RB-SMP, the key required for Therapist’s quest Disease History.
  • Labs
    • On the barrels inside the orange dome in the main working area
    • Green room – Unlocks with Green keycard
    • Blue Room – Unlocks with Blue keycard
    • Red Room – Unlocks with Red Keycard
  • Interchange
    • Mantis
    • ULTRA medical storage, unlocks with ULTRA medical storage key when electricity is ON.
    • NecrusPharm pharmacy (Main IDEA entrance) is the only surprising key in wipe 0.12.12 where plenty of LEDX spawns have been reported.
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  1. Why does the guide section say something about the CMS needing to be found in raid when the quest area doesn’t mention needing a CMS at all? Am I missing something or was the quest changed at some point and part of this page was updated while part wasn’t? What does the quest actually need now?

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