Escape From Tarkov’s Latest Event is the Best Ever, adds Lethal Toxin, Buffs, and more

If you don't know how to survive through it, xTG-12 antidote is your friend.

Battlestate Games posted a new letter that indicates rather new occurrences within the Tarkov region. A new event is upon us, and it asks players to collect antidote injections, the ones that have been added to the game to combat the infectious disease from the poisonous knife. Apparently, players receive a debuff while they are in a raid, and originally, they can die in just 8 minutes after deployment.

This event is related to the recently added new health effect in Escape From Tarkov, as the whole Norvinsk region becomes a hazardous zone. The official announcement for the event has been posted here and the message translates to the following:

  1. To prevent the spread of a biological threat, deliver 1,200,000 doses of the developed xTG-12 antidote to the zone of possible infection. Consider the city of Tarkov and its suburbs as biological hazard zones in the Norvinsk region.
  2. Carry out contactless delivery using the forces of the VKS.
  3. Instruct the population on the use of the antidote. Type at least 2,000,000 explanatory materials and circulate to the population remaining in the “Tarkov events” zone.

Escape From Tarkov Biohazard Zones Event and How to Survive?

So without further explanation, let’s get straight to the main objectives that have been added to the game:

  • Lethal Toxin Debuff – its duration has to be reset by injecting an antidote that is located in one of the airdrops. If its duration finishes before reset, you’re simply dead.
  • Insane, Infinite Stamina Recovery.
  • Overwhelming amount of airdrops coming in multiple waves – these contain the xTG-12 antidote. One antidote per aidrop.
  • Bosses drop the antidote too. Raiders on Labs too.
  • All maps have only 1 extract, and they are closed until they reach an activation time.
  • Bosses spawn on all maps with a 100% chance, except Labs and Lighthouse. Killa on Factory, Tagilla Spawning on Customs at the New Gas Station.
  • 12 player can spawn on Labs.
  • Lighthouse map expansion is still closed. Was able to run there thanks to the infinite stamina buff. Sniper still engage. Image below:

That’s basically it. It’s all about maintaining your life. It would require you to use at least two to three antidotes before you are able to extract.

The in-game message for the event has been sent by Therapist, and can be found below:

This is actually one of the best and biggest events in Escape From Tarkov’s history. It forces you to stay in the raid and power through as long as you can until the extractions are open. According to the message, we’ll have to stay put and collect the needed amount of antidotes (part of the lore, not necessarily 1,200,000). It’s been confirmed by me that there’s no monitor or something similar to the Ruble event before. Furthermore, Battlestate Games also posted an image containing antidote guidelines and usage instructions:

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