Escape From Tarkov’s Lighthouse Expansion Area is now Open?

Sniper should no longer engage, as Lightkeeper is not present in the area.

Battlestate Games has finally revealed new directions for the pre-wipe event. They basically just threw the Ace on the table. Just now, the developer announced that the Lighthouse Expansion area is open to everyone, more precisely where the Lighthouse is located. In a recent letter, the UN represented by Tadeusz Pilsudski (Peacekeeper), revealed that the area is open and there will be rewards for those who bring player dog tags. The message is sent to “old friends”.

Update #1: One more trickery has been casted upon us. The area is not open yet, while the Dogtag rewards relate to the new juiced-up barter offers to make it easier for players to deal with the latest event. Peacekeeper sells a GL and ammunition, while the overpowered Rys-T helmet and visor are accessible at Ragman, all for Dogtags. T7 Thermal goggles are also purchasable from Jaeger, including .338 Lapua Magnum. There are plenty of other offers as well, so don’t forget to shuffle through all of the traders.

Keep in mind that at the bottom of the document it says 06.30, which could imply a June 30 wipe. But still, it would be too early to see this letter coming through, and it must carry some other message with it. Until further discoveries…

How about we conquer the zone and hold it for ourselves, preventing Lightkeeper from settling in forever? That pesky trader already caused so much trouble to the community, and now we’re on the brink of existence once again due to inflation. God damn, we cannot even use our hard-earned money to buy something for ourselves.

In the letter, Peacekeeper further specified that the rewards will not be monetary, since all the funds went to Lightkeeper in the previous event. The message says the following:

Dear colleagues, I completely agree with you.

This unnecessary shooting right under our noses prevents us from properly doing business. The fewer of these warriors there are, the better for us. I suggest that everyone who brings in dogtags earns a worthy reward. Obviously, rewards won’t be monetary, since our funds went to LK.

Does anyone have any idea when he returns?

In the meantime, we could use his absence to out advantage. Our people can now get close to the lighthouse without the risk of being sniped by his bodyguard. Also, I was informed that we don’t need to worry about landmines. As it turned out, they need to be activated manually with a remote control.

Even if the message claims that the Escape From Tarkov Lighthouse Expansion area is now open, we tried to run there and just died to the sniper because we thrusted too deep thinking it’s really open. Regardless of the sad outcome, we won’t stop and try it until we’re able to get in. Maybe we’ll need to wear specific gear maybe?

Either way, it could be just a flaw because the event hasn’t yet propagated on all the servers. This could usually take time, so we’ll keep trying. Once we find more details we’ll post an update here. Until then, see you around. The Lighthouse Expansion is the one of the most anticipated content coming in the next wipe, and getting it available before the wipe just brings the hype to a whole new level. Expect updates.

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