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Update: Escape From Tarkov Wipe confirmed for tomorrow, patch announced

The implementation of the update will take approximately 5 hours or more.

Update #3: If you’re eager to read the patch notes, you can find them here.

Update #2: There will be a wipe with tomorrow’s update The wipe was confirmed by Escape From Tarkov’s official Twitter profile. The tweet can be found below:

Update #1: Yes, Escape From Tarkov will most probably wipe tomorrow considering the most recent publication on their official TikTok channel. You can find the TikTok video embedded below, published just 20 minutes ago:

@escapefromtarkov #escapefromtarkov #tarkov #tarkovmemes#wipe #побегизтаркова #тарков #тарковмемы #вайп ♬ оригинальный звук – Escape from Tarkov

This video above was tweeted by Battlestate Games’ PR manager, Dmitri Ogordnikov.

Previous writing: Battlestate Games has always been mysterious regarding its upcoming Escape From Tarkov patches, and it seems that they are up to something once again. On Tuesday, the developer announced an update that will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, June 29, without providing any further details. The developer also alluded to a pre-emptive 5-hour long maintenance period and a possible extension of the same. So, could this be wipe-related?

Tomorrow, June 29, at 08:00 BST/03:00 EDT we are planning to install patch The installation will take approximately 5 hours, but may be extended if required. The game will not be accessible during this period.

Previously, Battlestate Games have always been announcing its wipe sessions. This time around, something is different. While Thursday is their favorite day for concluding such an operation, this Wednesday might echo a similar scenario. Honestly speaking, it was about time to see Escape From Tarkov starting a new cycle. The game has become quite pale in the past period, and this refreshment is somewhat mandatory but also beneficial for everyone.

If it’s a wipe, then what’s coming with it?

As we have talked about it before, below you can find just a glimpse of what’s coming with the next Escape From Tarkov wipe.

In a recent TarkovTV podcast, Nikita, the COO of Battlestate Games, revealed that the company aims to release Escape From Tarkov Arena, a tactical team-based first-person shooter mode. Escape From Tarkov Arena has a high probability of coming out this year, and it will be stunning to see it arrive with the next wipe. Fingers crossed.

Another piece of content coming to the game is definitely the Lighthouse Expansion and its Rogue Bosses, including the absolute CHAD named LightkeeperLightkeeper is an upcoming in-game trader in Escape From Tarkov that will operate within the Lighthouse region. Unlike other traders, players will have to go and visit him in a raid for personal dealings. Given the narrative, he will be stationed inside the Lighthouse (now secured by an experienced team of snipers). Once the expansion arrives, players will probably need to grind a reputation and complete some quests to unlock access to him, or better said, stop the snipers from engaging.

Aside from that, there will probably be new guns and ammunition, including some new electrical gadgets, and a tripwire mine that we talked about previously. These new objects will be sold by the Lightkeeper, and that is why the Lighthouse will become one of the toughest areas to secure.

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