FromSoftware’s Next Game is Just Around The Corner, “Final Stages of Development”

The next project is in final stages of development.

FromSoftware’s Elden Ring is not a resting point for the development team, instead, the company is excited to say that its next game is just around the corner. Hidetaka Miyazaki, in an interview with a Japanese publication 4Gamer, claimed that FromSoftware’s next game is almost finished.

In response to 4Gamer’s question, Miyazaki answered that their next project is in the final stages of development, but also emphasized that Elden Ring won’t remain forgotten due to FromSoftware’s upcoming project. Instead, it’s supposed to receive new updates in the near future.


  • At the time of the interview with “SEKIRO” in 2018, it was said that 3.5 lines were in operation in-house at that time, and two of them were unpublished ( related article ). One of the unpublished ones was “ELDEN RING”, but is the other one still under development?


  • Yes. Development is also in the final stages.

The developer behind the Armored Core series has been hinting at a revival for years now, and it looks like they may have finally gotten their wish. A recent leak suggests that FromSoftware is currently working on an upcoming entry in this popular mech-action franchise with director Hidetoshi ahead of the pack.

FromSoftware has such beautiful video game titles to be proud of, and now everyone’s turning their eyes towards this developer once again. Furthermore, Miyazaki stated that there are even more games led by other staff members, for which he cannot open himself about. With that said, time is the only ticking bomb we have to endure until we see FromSoftware shining once again.

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