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Pokemon Go Catch Limit and PokeStops Limit June 2022

Pokemon Go has daily and weekly catch and PokeStops spin limits, which means if you reach these limits you will no longer be able to catch Pokemon or spin PokeStops. Surprising, right? Many players want to know more about these limits, so we decided to dig deeper and find out more. Some players have reached these limits in June 2022 and they shared the numbers with us.

Once you hit that limit, specifically the catch limit, the Pocket Monsters you try to catch will break out of the PokeBall and run. If you reach the PokeStop spin limit, you cannot spin a Disc for a while. Several Pokemon Go players have gotten their hands busy and investigated the whole limit thing, and they have reported back that the daily catch limit is 4,800, while the weekly limit is 14,000.

The PokeStop spin daily limit is 1,200, and the weekly limit is 7,000. Now that we know what would happen after you reach the catch limit, what about the spin limit? Once you reach the spin limit, every spin you make after the limit a pop-up will appear with an error. If you make 7,000 spins and have not reached the daily spin limit you will not be capped.

How many of you have reached the limit? Tell us in the comments how it went.

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  1. Spending the day biking and spinning with the Go Plus to get regular pokeballs is how I hit the limit. You just stop getting anything. It was a few years ago when I would do this and hit the cap.

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