Pokemon Go Players Couldn’t Log in During Deino Community Day, Makeup Deino Community Day is a Must

Trainers, the Pokemon Go servers went down during the Deino Community Day event and some players were unable to log in and participate in the event.

Today, June 25, 2022, is Deino Community Day, but unfortunately, some players didn’t get the chance to participate in the event due to “scheduled maintenance.” The first issue was reported in Japan, but it seems like players from all around the globe were affected by this. Many players missed out on the Deino Community Day and that’s not fun at all.

Niantic and Pokemon Go acknowledged and fixed the issue, but they didn’t mention anything about a Deino Community Day makeup event. They did apologize for the error, but the community is not happy with the constant errors every time a new event starts and the players are looking forward to a makeup event.

According to reports, the game was down in:

  • Japan
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Korea
  • India
  • US – east coast and west coast
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Netherlands

Did you have any problems and did you miss the Deino Community Day due to an error? Do you expect to see a Deino Community Day makeup event? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. My husband and I both missed out on community day today. We could not login the entire three hours. This was a big disappointment for the both of us. Imagine going to community day and watching others play and you cannot join in on the fun. I got my phone in my hand for nothing. Like i got all the pendants that they gave out but didnt catch a single pokemon or spin a poke stop. But at least I know it was not just me!

    1. I was able to log in but no deino showed up, also none of the raids would acknowledge I was near to fight them. So most of the mechanics aren’t working.

  2. I was able to log on but have yet to see a single Deino and only 40 minutes left I’ve looked everywhere for hours what gives?

    1. My wife and I were on our way back from vacation. We stopped at two different rest stops and couldn’t log in. We stopped to get gas with about 45 left to play and was able to log in. We caught about 5 Dino’s and the game froze up and we could never get back in. I sure do hope we get a makeup day.

  3. I could not log in in the beginning, once I did log in it did not show me the special research or let me find any Deino.

  4. Thankfully I was able to get back in when it said scheduled maintence for me and I was able to get a couple deinos but the fact that this keeps happening is ridiculous.

    1. I don’t spoof I couldn’t get on I missed half of it cause I was on a plane and I couldn’t log on the second half

  5. Yes I want another chance at the community day I wasn’t able to sign in at all and I hope others does follow the same steps if they hade the same problem with there game

  6. I am in Ohio, and from midnight to 1am I could not log in. It didn’t say “scheduled maintenance” . I’m thinking this problem only affected people in the Asian timezones. I’m all for more Deino, though. Got some shinies, but not enough 3* Deino.

  7. I live in Kansas City Missouri and I as well couldn’t participate in Dieno Community Day. I couldn’t even get into my Pokemon. Very disappointed and hoping for a makeup Community Day.

  8. I had someone in our group here in the Philippines sharing that his game is down and under maintenance. Feeling bad for him. Strongly agree that Niantic should do a make-up day for this Deino!

  9. I had someone in our group here in the Philippines sharing that his game is down and under maintenance. Feeling bad for him. Strongly agree that Niantic should do a make-up day for the Deino day!

  10. I was able to log in with 30 minutes of community day time left, I scrambled check any and every deino that appeared, also a few of the photo opportunities, and had an incense going. I was able to find one fortunately, but I’m normally aiming for at least five or more shinies on community day.

  11. It was very disappointing how long it took to log on and then when I did I couldn’t raid and didn’t see any deino.

  12. I haven’t had problems with logging into the game at all, infact it was an eventful day. I caught 5 Shiny Deino and dozens of the regular ones… I’m not sure what everyone is talking about game updates or maintenance…

  13. I hope niantic goes out of business. They dont care about pogo. Thy are a crappy company and someone better at treating the fans and players with more respect should run pogo. I don’t buy their apology.

  14. I even bought the $1 pass and was unable to login until after the event. We definitely need a makeup day!

  15. I also experienced issues but Niantic blamed it on my gps and Wi-Fi issues and did not acknowledge that it was on their part. I even paid for the ticket for the extra experience and etc but because of my issues I felt like I was jipped. I hope they do another makeup day because I didn’t get a chance to catch one and I need to finish these quests.

    1. Hello Ashley

      I feel your pain I’m located in Massachusetts and could not log in until almost 2 hours after the event ended.

  16. I am in Iowa, not east coast or west coast. Initially, I wasn’t able to log in because of maintenance. When I tried 20 minutes later, I was successful, but wasn’t able to play for the whole time. Also, I ended up with an extra ticket because of a Niantic error. (It came up in the shop as something else) I applied for a refund for the extra ticket and never got it.

  17. I too was log in and missed catching deino and yes Niantic should do a make up community day but I don’t think they will do it because I believe they don’t care about the players

  18. I was able to login and was presented with about 10 or so Deino’s. None spawned for the rest of the event outside of field/research rewards.

  19. Hello daily player here also bought ticket with hopes of catching a shiny or numerous Deino and evolving to the advanced form but I was unable to log in until an hour or closer to 2 hours after the event had already ended so I’m out the money for the ticket and even more importantly I lost the chance for shinys and the candies and I just found out I’m far from the only person to have this issue please help and have a make up Deino day for the players who bought tickets and the daily players who may not have bought a ticket but still couldn’t take advantage of a game we look forward to and enjoy playing

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