Pokemon Go Unreleased Mega Pokemon June 2022

Mega Evolution is what makes a regular Pokemon practically a beast. It changes the Pokemon’s appearance and strength, and it can sometimes change the type of Pokemon that undergoes a Mega Evolution.

The mechanics for Mega Evolution was first introduced to Pokemon Go back in 2020 when everything was new and fresh. Since that year of release, Mega Evolution has gotten more polished and effective, but at the same time, it kept the core features such as Mega Energy.

Mega Energy at first was used constantly, even after the first Mega evolution, but now Trainers will only need Mega Energy to speed up the cooling process. Though you still need Mega Energy for the first Mega Evolution.

The only downside is that the effects of the Mega Evolution last for eight hours, but through events and promotions Trainers might get more hours to feel the difference.

Currently, in Pokemon Go, there are twenty-one Pokemon able to Mega Evolve. In total there are forty-eight, and many players wonder, what are the other twenty-seven Mega Evolutions waiting to be released in the game?

Oh, just to mention this, there is a rumor going around that the next Mega Pokemon to come in Pokemon Go is Mega Scizor.

Here is the list of the unreleased Mega Pokemon.

Unreleased Mega Pokemon in Pokemon Go

  • Mega Alakazam
  • Mega Pinsir
  • Mega Mewtwo X
  • Mega Mewtwo Y
  • Mega Scizor (coming soon)
  • Mega Heracross
  • Mega Tyranitar
  • Mega Sceptile
  • Mega Blaziken
  • Mega Swampert
  • Mega Gardevoir
  • Mega Sableye
  • Mega Mawile
  • Mega Aggron
  • Mega Medicham
  • Mega Sharpedo
  • Mega Camerupt
  • Mega Banette
  • Mega Glalie
  • Mega Salamance
  • Mega Metagross
  • Mega Rayquaza
  • Mega Garchomp
  • Mega Lucario
  • Mega Gallade
  • Mega Audino
  • Mega Diancie

What Mega Evolved Pokemon would you like to see next? Mega Rayquaza and Mega Mewtwo are my choices.

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