Starfield first official gameplay trailer revealed

Character creation, exploration, skill system, and more. Available at Day One with Xbox Game pass.

The XboxBethesda Games Showcase 2022 has been quite exciting so far, but as always, we’ve reached the end where the most compelling portion is being revealed. Starfield Bethesda’s upcoming and possibly the most anticipated and ambitious interstellar game. You can watch the trailer at the top of this article and witness the exciting story illustrated.

An Epic role-playing game in the making, where players will have the freedom to do everything they want, for starters, exploring the space. But that’s not it. The mysterious moon of Krete is awaiting starters to begin their journey and set a foothold on new and unexplored territory. This is exactly what Bethesda depicted during their segment, or better said, ended with a boom in the closing fraction of the broadcast.

As per the trailer, we have seen unique mobs since our first visit to the planet, and that’s just the beginning. Later in the trailer, we have the opportunity to meet some of the factions in the game, such as the pirates, who are using the facility explored within. That’s where the engagement occurred.

After those encounters, players will be invited to join the Constellation, where the last combatants and space explorers of our kind endure. This will take us to the New Atlantis, also known as the capital, humankind’s settlement. What’s out there? This question will drive players to dive deep into further exploration, as they will have to solve the artifact puzzle, possibly leading to an end-game encounter.

The video also showcased advanced character customization, which will be enriched with skill trees that allow players to distinguish from each other’s gameplay. Players will be able to build outposts and spaceships that will help them reach and explore space on demand, with complete control over the layout itself.

How big is Starfield?

Simply said, it’s enormous. There will be over 1000 planets available to explore, putting the cherry at the top of the cake. For me, Starfield was always the main focus, as I am excited to delve into this genre and finally strengthen my character how I want to.

Last but not least, Xbox Consoles, Cloud, and PC players will have the opportunity to play the game since Day One using an Xbox Game Pass subscription. Starfield is coming in 2023.

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