Valheim is coming to Xbox in 2023, PC Game Pass too

A new console exclusive which will also enter PC Game Pass too.

Valheim is the Viking survival game in which procedural actions have taken the world by storm. Since the moment it went live, Valheim has reached numerous milestones, backed up by the positive reviews on Steam. On Tuesday, during the extended Xbox showcase, Microsoft was happy to announce the arrival of Valheim to its notorious consoles Xbox One and Xbox Series X as an entry to Game Pass in early 2023.

Valheim is coming to Microsoft Store and Xbox! It will be available with PC Game Pass in fall 2022, and with Xbox Game Pass in early 2023. There will be full crossplay support between Xbox, Microsoft and Steam. Valheim is made by developer Iron Gate, published by Coffee Stain Publishing. Porting for Microsoft Store and Xbox has been made by developers Piktiv and Fishlabs.

Valheim will support cross-play at launch, allowing players to enjoy no matter where they are playing from. Steam, Microsoft Store, or console, all three platforms will unite in bringing the gameplay experience on the top of the list.

Since its release back in 2021, Valheim was noticing great success, leading up to enormous player numbers. For a solid period, it was one of the most played games, which surely proves why Microsoft wants to bring it as an addition on the consoles, but also as a part of the Game Pass.

Developer Iron Gate is happy to announce the arrival of Valheim just before the release of the Mistlands update which should arrive this year. The update should introduce new content and gameplay environment that would allow players to gather, strive, and survive in a much more pleasant and exciting manner. But be cautious, don’t let trees fall on you during your deforestation process. God, I still have nightmares from it.

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