WoW: Dragonflight is coming out later this year

I still cannot forget the overhauled talent tree system, which makes me super excited about this release.

Shortly after the reveal of World of Warcraft’s ninth expansion named Dragonflight, Blizzard surprised the fans with yet another announcement. The announcement includes Dragonflight’s release date and the ability to pre-purchase the game on the Battle.Net launcher, which is now available. World of Warcraft: Dragonflight will be released by the end of this year.

According to Holly Longdale (executive producer), Blizzard will release World of Warcraft: Dragonflight later this year, 2022. “We are thrilled to share that we’ll bring our next expansion to players later this year”. – he said.

Journey to the Dragon Isles! The long-lost home of dragons, accessible only by flight and filled with riches beyond imagination. You’ll discover what happened 10 thousand years ago when these mighty creatures ruled over all before being defeated by something – or someone? Now their ancient enemies have risen again-and you’re going out there to find out how they can be stopped this time around.

Blizzard’s decision to call the dragons back was exquisite, as they are truly needed in WoW’s devastated world. Lush, primal, and bursting with elemental energy, the new Dragon Isles is supposed to provide a strong exploration to everyone.

The upcoming expansion will test Wrathion’s skills and whether or not he will be able to take the lead role within the expansion. We’re getting back to the Dragon world, and it’s somewhat exciting as architecture and aspirations are sought from the old Classic experience.

If you’re excited about the game’s upcoming features, you can find some of them below:

  • New Race and ClassDracthyr Evoker. Evokers can only be Dracthyr and Cracthyr’s can only be Evokers. This is a class that specializes in a Ranged DPS (Devastation) or Healer (Preservation). The class starts at Level 58 in completely new territory, and they will wear Mail gear.
  • New Class customization.
  • Customizable mounts. Players will be able to fly their favorite Drake mounts from the start. There are four to choose from. Drakes also have a skill tree that will unlock as you ride throughout the Drake Isles.
  • New point-based Talent System overhaul. Yes, World of Warcraft will feel like a new game and resemble the ancient point-based talent system in Classic. Take a look at the image below
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