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Apex Legends July 22 Update Corrects Rank Rewards

Respawn Entertainment has deployed a new Apex Legends update that fixes and corrects the rank rewards. From now on, players will be receiving appropriate rewards based on their rank, but will also deal with the lingering and “missing coin issue” after purchase.

Since Respawn Entertainment hasn’t given an official report on the latest update, it’s safe to say that the changes highlighted on Apex Legends’ Trello page are probably already implemented. Those are as follows:

Apex Legends July 22 update 2.01 Patch Notes

  • Reports of players not receiving coins after purchase.
  • Players at certain ranks not receiving the correct ranked rewards for certain seasons.
  • BANGALORE MYTHIC SKIN: Using tactical while aiming down sight will briefly block the player’s view.
    • Players can switch skins or avoid using tactical while aiming down sight at the same time

Until Respawn Entertainment posts an official changelog, we’ll have to wait and presume that the highlights above are the only changes that have been added. In the meantime, Apex Legends is currently in its Gaiden event, with plenty of seasonal content and limited-time rewards in offer. If you don’t wanna miss the rewards, make sure you hop in before the event finishes on July 26.

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